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A Beginner's Guide to Cutting: Coping Mechanisms

I had a terrible show this past weekend, like all that talk of strong mental game, believing in your unicorn, and all that other glittery shit I preach... it disappeared. *Poof* Gone. I went to look for it directly before my first run on Saturday, but no surprise here, it was nowhere to be found. Pro-tip - you shouldn't go looking for your mental game, nor your glitter, as they are calling your name to walk to the herd. It will stress you out even more. Basically I really just didn't ride my mare well. You could say that my timing was in another time zone. My blessed unicorn... my sweet pony angel... if you don't ride her well, she won't try for you. She isn't the most forgiving unicorn, she's more of a feet to the fire unicorn. On Saturday, I lost ALL THREE cows I cut, ALL OF THEM. If I could have gotten off of Lady right there, and curled up in the dirt in front of the herd and sacrificed myself to the cutting gods... I would have. Cutting sucks. 

So over the…

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