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A Beginner's Guide to Cutting: The Dreaded Entry Fee

Have you ever had a bad dream where a bad man in a ski mask sneaks up behind you, puts a gun to your head and screams, "GIVE ME ALL YOUR MONEY." That's literally how I feel every time I pay one of my entry fees. Except, the secretary of our association is like super nice and definitely doesn't wear a ski mask. I mean even though we're in the frozen arctic of Canada that would be super weird of her. BUT STILL, you get my point, cutting is super expensive and it's the least fun part about the whole damn sha-bang. No unicorns and glitter today people, (... okay, a little bit of that) let's get down to the brass tax of it all - The Dreaded Entry Fee.

Entry Fees, for many of us, the words themselves cause us to break into hives. Really scratchy ones, the ones you get and strangers stare at you because your diseased hives. As a beginner, you don't truly understand what you're getting in too when you go to pay your first set of entry fees at your first s…

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