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A Beginner's Guide To Cutting: Cali Brandt

I've shared so many of my ups and downs with ya'll, I thought maybe it was time to start exposing you to other "beginners" in the show pen. So keep an eye on the blog for interviews with riders that battled their way through the 2,000 LR, and beyond, in their first couple years of showing. Beginner's deserve interviews too guys!

First up is Cali Brandt, Vanderhoof BC. Cali and I go way back... on social media. When she purchased her first show horse, Star, a mare that I knew from Alberta, a mutual friend messaged me and said she'd seen the mare with a new rider at an event in their very small hometown. She asked me if I knew who she was, I didn't. Creeping ensued, obviously. Then, she started commenting on my Beginner's Guide posts, but I was already like... hey I know you. From a friendship founded on sometimes hating our unicorns, and social media, we finally met at shows, and recently bonded over lipstick and shots of Burt Reynolds. (As you do) She…

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