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Pony Tail Sportswear - Lopin' Ain't Easy.

It's not every day that someone asks you to review underwear on your website. Okay, it's never. However, when boss-babe Kaydee Johnston, owner and founder of Pony Tail Sportswear asks you to review her padded underwear for equestrians, the answer is definitely always yes. Plus, I've been preaching the good word for a long time about buying and wearing brands that are made for competitive women... so how am I going to turn down a brand that's for competitive women's behinds?! But, spoiler alert, I am no Victoria Secret angel, so you're just going to get this review from regular 'ol me instead, no wings included. 

Anyone that has loped a cutting horse has probably experienced chaffing and soreness. A combination of a rough gait, with a super hot horse, ill-fitting jeans and any form of sweat can be a miserable combination. I used to think that people were whining when it came to the aforementioned "loper behind", until I moved to Arizona in January…

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