An Introduction

Hi, I'm Louisa, and welcome to my new blog!

Of course I'm not new to this blogging thing, but I am sort of new to a real "lifestyle" blog, which I'm hoping this becomes.

Some of you may know me in "real-life: 
Tis blog will be the first time that i've publicly "come-out" about having a blog, and will actually be telling people about it unabashedly. For some reason, for my entire blogging life (since I was probably around 13) I haven't really told anyone I know that I blog. It was this weird insecurity hangup that I had. Many friends and family members found out about my blogs throughout the year, and were always complimentary, but I could never get up the guts to post on social media that I blog, and that -gasp- they should follow me. Well here goes, hey guys!

Some of you may know me from previous blogs:
I wrote "Time in the Saddle" beginning in 2011. It was a love child, turned into a thought experiment, which turned positive and successful. When I began writing TintheS, I was only riding in the summertimes and I desperately wanted to start riding throughout the year. I also wished more than anything to become a more technical rider. I felt that if I focused on more physical Time in the Saddle, those two goals would come to me. I began recording my hours on the blog, I detailed all those hours, and all of a sudden, fast forward a year or two, and TintheS became a blog detailing my first foray into horse ownership, with the love of my life, Jingle.

Then, I moved to the states for a year, and worked with cutting horse trainers in Texas and Arizona, the blog took a serious hit, and I really walked away from blogging for awhile. Mainly because my schedule was pure chaos, and I barely had time to eat, or sleep, never mind blog about my day. After a few months in Arizona, life settled into more of a routine, and I began "The Circuitous Cutter". For me CC was suppose to be my "big" break into the blogging world - but due to my lack of time, effort, or care it sort of floundered and never got off the ground. Who knows? People didn't seem to totally love the concept... but I sure found myself funny. (That is all that matters right)

& finally, some of you may not know me... so, a little about me.

I am a born & raised Calgarian, a die-hard lover of my province, Alberta, and a proud Canadian.
Personally, I am a writer, a story-teller, a bashful poet, a friend, absolutely horse-obsessed, a lover of cutting horses, and the proud mom to one big dorky paint horse named Jingle, and one ridiculous poofy dog named Cash. I am, like most twenty-somethings, at the foot of a new journey into adulthood, just trying to figure out which steps to take.

I graduated from the University of Calgary in 2013 with a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology with a Minor in History. I was fascinated with my degree, but by the time I was done I knew I didn't want to further my education in those fields. So, from there, I spread my gypsy wings for a year and worked for cutting horse trainers in both Texas, then Arizona. It was a year of absolute craziness, and I loved it, but I wasn't able to obtain a work visa, and so now I am back in Calgary!

I do cool things sometimes, I love being outside, riding in the foothills, camping, and I had just dipped my toes in showing cutting horses before I left Arizona. Now, I am desperately trying to get back into cutting up here in Alberta. I have recently decided to run a marathon in the spring - because I am insane. I am also one of the Calgary Stampede Ranch Girls, and so every year during stampede I get to wear as much glitter as possible and race around the rodeo representing the Stampede, rodeo events and sponsors! Life is never quiet around here.

& my animals, well for some of you - you'll be familiar with Jingle. Unfortunately Jingle has been lame for a few months now, and we are facing into a new reality of time-off, and semi-retirement. Safe to say, it sucks. Cash, is my new monster, that I adopted from Arizona. He is a nut-job, but a loyal cow-dog wannabe. Two weeks after we hit canadian soil he erupted into a terrible viral infection - the vets think, but still aren't positive, that he has bad environment allergies to perhaps grass, pollen, ya know... everything. So summer and fall weren't exactly easy for my pup. So, as far as animals go, I'm in a bit of a money hole of darkness and sadness (haha) - and I will be sure to fill you guys in more as the blogging continues!

This is turning into quite the ramble - my style! - but, to sum it all up, I'm excited to be home. I'm excited to be back blogging - especially in a setting that's more geared towards my entire life, not just one aspect. & finally, I'm excited to see what the journey holds - hope you'll come along for the ride!


  1. Glad to see you are back in Canada- and blogging!

  2. I'm excited to have found your blog and learn more!


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