Tango, The Lease Horse

It's funny how things work out. After a month or two having a lame, unrideable horse, I was complaining to the Barn owner where Jingle is that i'm sick of not riding. He suggested I call their family friend, who coincidentally lived across the street and has a horse that she was thinking about selling. I'm not totally prepared to buy a horse at this very moment in time, but I called her anyways, and we set up a time to meet. Enter Tango into my life... 

wittle cutie.

Tango is a nice horse, 9 years old, professionally trained by a cowhorse trainer as a youngster, and then owned by his current owner since he was 5. She's done a little of everything on him, some gymkhana and clinic stuff, but mostly enjoys trail riding. She said he can be a little spooky, and as she gets older the more nervous that makes her. 

At the moment I'm kind of stuck in a couple different dilemmas, I don't truly have the money to buy a second horse, but for my mental state I kind of "need" one. I also wasn't sure if I wanted something like Tango - older, push button, go do anything i'd like on, or if I wanted to go for it and buy a cutter. I don't have the money for a finished cutter though, so it would have to be something younger, or inexperienced. Which then leads to another dilemma... will I have enough money to keep a horse in a training program? Probably not.

I decided to half-lease Tango just so I could get my butt into a saddle. His owner is still currently riding him, and I ride him a few times a week. It's been going well - there are definitely things to work on with him - he is pretty locked up on his right side, and doesn't like to pick up his right lead. He's also a little lazy, and a little pin-eared at times, but these are all things I can work through. So i'm having fun picking him apart and putting him back together again.

It's definitely different... riding a horse that isn't yours, that another person is riding. I can "feel" his owners riding every time I get on him. Sometimes that can be a little frustrating because just when he get's something - like his right lead - I feel like the next time I ride him, it disappears again. It sort of feels like i'm paying to train on a horse at times, and I'm not sure if I like that. With a horse you own and solely ride, it's you all the time - ups, downs, training, etc. That is what i've been used too for so long - even before Jingle I always had my "own" horses that I solely rode. So this has definitely been a learning experience thus far!


  1. I feel that one bad ride sets you back three good ones. Not saying that owners always put bad rides on horses, not at all. But when you're trying to improve all aspects of a horse I always fight my reaction to the owners sort of hanging out and ignoring the horse while riding

  2. I completely agree, and even the owner could be an amazing rider, but you still might not have the same cues, same riding etc. and all of a sudden you get different rides everytime. It's not exactly flawless.

  3. I hear you on that one. I take on a few horses to train here and there, and I almost feel like asking the owners to stop riding so I can train! It's a struggle trying to find the balance between training the way *I* like, and training the horse the way the owner rides.

    That being said- Tango sounds like fun!


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