Winter & Bargains

This weekend we are experiencing a bit of a cold snap in my neck of the woods. Lows of -27 C with windchill... remember that time I lived in Arizona? Yeah.. me too... sigh.

Anyways, an upside of the cold weather, I got to bust out Jingle's "new" Weatherbeeta Winter Blanket with detachable neck. I think ponyboy looks quite handsome in it...

Spoiled horse also always spoils photos with his sass-pants face
"None of my friends have blankets with hoods - you are so embarassing alllllll the time Mahm." - #InstaJingle

I got this blanket at a steal from a local used tack shop in Calgary called The Tack Collector, barely used (like maybe 4 times...), regular over $200... I got it for $135!! So awesome. Fits like a dream, and I love the detachable neck.

I so often shell out hundreds upon hundreds upon thousands of dollars on my animal that any bargain is a good one in my books. Besides stores like The Tack Collector, which I highly recommend if you're in the Calgary area, I am obsessed with sites like Kijiji and Facebook groups. So much so that I need to often step away from them before I spend all my money. It isn't a bargain if you empty your bank account... remember that tip kids.

What about you guys, any particular sites or places you love to bargain shop? New or used?


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