A Christmas Photoshoot!

How lucky I am to have an unbelievably talented (amateur) photographer as a friend. My friend Sarah has taught herself, and (I personally think) is incredible. PLUS, she's always up for a photoshoot (or five...). So, she was of course, who I went too for this years Christmas Card, which I posted yesterday.

However, tons of other awesome shots occurred as well, here are my Christmas outtakes...

It's a good thing my two boys quite enjoy eachother's company...

LOVE this one

This one seemed to be the fan favourite, Jingle looks so majestic. However, getting Cash to stand still for more than a second is a serious task...

Alberta is pretty spectacular, check out my gorgeous mountain view I get at my barn every day...

First time I've been on my boy in months, in a halter and not a care in the world. Love him.

Jingle is a photoshoot champ, a massive bow on his bum and a giant wreath, and he couldn't have cared less!

A Rein-dog!

& finally, the finale shot, "Does my bum look big with this bow on?"

& yes, you better believe that i'm already starting to plan next year's shoot!


  1. Those are wonderful! Hope you didn't get too cold.

    1. Thankfully we were blessed with a very warm day that day, perfect winter shoot weather!

  2. These are awesome!!!! I wish I did something like this...maybe next near year :)


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