(Faux) Fur Lovin'

I did the unthinkable and braved the mall for Black Friday. Which, albeit, is not as crazy up here in Canada-land as it is for our neighbours to the south, but there were still deals to be had.

I learned two critical things that day...
1) I don't think I can park my new truck in a majority of parkades. Thus, making for a very angry driver, in a very far away spot, in -30 C weather.
2) I have been lusting after a faux fur vest for winter and I finally found one at Zara!

I pretend I'm Beyonce when I take my selfies...
#Iwokeuplikethis #flawless 

Zara was selling this vest for $79.90, but I got it for 30% off, whoop whooooop. Pretty excited to rock it this winter, but especially at the NFR this year! Only a week away until I board my plane for the bright lights of Vegas!!

From the Zara website


  1. I wanted to do some black friday shopping (I'm in canada too) but it was so cold and I am trying to save up for back on track stuff for Apollo. Love your vest! :)

    1. It was SO cold... I couldn't believe it. Thanks!! I feel your pain, Jingle currently has the mesh sheet, a full set of the pillow wraps and is now on recovery eq... life isn't cheap. They work so great though, so worth it!!


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