Story Sunday; Gettin' Sick on a Plane

I have spent the last week preparing for, and heading down too, the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas! Prepare yourselves for a week of NFR/Vegas related posts. To start it off, a quick cowboy poem written on a bumpy ride down...

That real catchy song goes something along the lines of this,
That cowboy's drunk on a plane and livin' in mile-high bliss.
And i'll tell ya what i've never seen more Stetson crowns than in the air,
Of a plane headed south-bound to the biggest of Las Vegas' fairs,
That ten day rodeo that's the biggest in the game,
Where cowboys and cowgals can earn those gold buckles that get them so much fame.

Alas my plane is rocking too and fro,
And the turbulence has me feeling like this air ship is my biggest foe.
I imagined landing on the ground with eyes aglow of neon and shine,
But now my eyes are simply dimmed by the "seatbelt on" sign.

Oh lord, I promise you no debauchery, gluttonous behaviour or sin,
For if you land me on the ground safely, I shall call that my biggest Vegas win.
If, that is, I don't end up using that little white bag first,
Because right now, I will admit, I am about ready to burst.

Thank you, and Enjoy!


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