Birthday Vacay: Ixtapa, Mexico

For my birthday this year (The big 2-3!) my mom and I jetted off to Ixtapa, Mexico for a week. It was my first time in Mexico, and we had a total blast. Plus, leaving behind - 20 C, for + 35 C... that ain't so bad either.

Del Palmar Beach

Prepare yourself for sunset pic, after sunset pic. Arguably my most favourite part of the day - it is just so glorious!

Overlooking Ixtapa & Delpalmar Beach, where our resort was

Our first day we did a big tour of the cities of Ixtapa, Zihuatanejo & the countrysides in between the two, it was definitely a cool way to get off the resort.

Zihuatanejo - La Madera Beach

... This is where tequila comes from kids.

We also visited a plantation where they made adobe tiles - over 300 a morning, so cool!


We also visited Barra de Potosi Beach, a lagoon next to Playa Larga, a 22 km stretch of beach. It is here that thousands of different kinds of birds come during their migration. Even National Geographic has done studies here - it was very cool!

Salsa made at our table to our specifications = heaven

Crocodiles near Playa Linda in Ixtapa

Mom and I did a bike tour one day down to Playa Linda, a beach nearby, and also to see the Crocodiles, Turtles and Iguanas that live close by! It was so cool. She's a triathalete though, so she definitely whooped my butt - first time i'd be on a bike in YEARS. I had so much fun though.

I <3 Crocodrilos

One night we had massages on the beach and walked out to this picture perfect sunset... can you talk about a perfect life?! Sigh...

I also rode on the ocean for the first time at Playa Larga, the large beach. It was an interesting experience, our horses were definitely not in the best condition - which I suppose I should have assumed. It was a lot of fun to ride along the tide, but next time I do, it'll be on my own horses.

Through the ears at Playa Larga looking out to the Pacific Ocean!

My stirrup broke and I got thrown onto a stallion our guide had been riding

We also headed down to Los Gatos, across from Zihuatanejo by water taxi! They have crystal clear water there, and we snorkelled for the first time. It was SO MUCH FUN, I fell in love with it. The peacefullness and quietness of the fishes and their secret underwater world. It was so amazing. Our guide even had us feed them tortillas and they swarmed us - it was crazy,

Los Gatos

Another sunset picture, I know, I know...

We visited a museum in Zihuatanejo, where there were some spurs from the late 1700's... very cool

Beach Life


A panoramic of our beach that our resort was on, by the weekend it was packed!

All-in-all we had a wonderful vacation, and I am definitely a little too tanned, and a lot relaxed. Can't wait to head back to Mexico soon!


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