New Year, New Resolutions

I am a bit of a resolution gal, and a bit of a not-resolution gal. Somewhere in the middle... with a blog, I find it nice because you can truly remember too look back on them at the turn of every year, and it makes it easier. However, I am not someone to either a) remind myself of them all year or b) beat myself up if I don't go through without them. However, I have compiled a list of resolutions for 2015 that I hope will dictate where I want the year to go.


New runners for a new runner - Marathon here we come!

  • Shape Up - down to my goal weight/body shape
  • Marathon in the Spring
  • Step out of my Comfort Zone

Alright, so in the "personal" category, it's mostly about fitness for me this year. I've always been mildly fit, kind of athletic, i've never had a flat stomach and i've never really loved my body. However, laziness overcame all of that, and now that i'm not riding 12 hours a day... it's showing. I'm over that, and i'm over not being fit in all aspects of my life. My goal weight and body are not "out there", they are feasible, planned and definitely in reach - but it will take work. 

I have also committed to a Marathon in the Spring, in either Calgary or Vancouver... i am a nut job. After Jingle came up lame on his competitive trail ride I figured out I had asked him to do just under the equivalent of a marathon 42.2 km. If I ask that of my horse, should I not be able to do it as well? So I decided to do it. It hasn't been easy thus far, it's looming, and It has been a battle to get out there and train, but I am committed and want to see it through.

Step out of my Comfort Zone in many things...with this blog... in my career... get out there and talk to more trainers, figure out a way back into the performance world.. but also, more personally, in my dating life. I am single, but I would like to be in a relationship. 2014 was hard on me in that respect, a failed relationship and then going back to old habits... i'm over being that girl, and I'm ready to work on me, and working on getting out there. 


One of my most perfect days on a horse

  • New Horse
  • Back to Cutting
  • Back to the Show Pen
  • Trailer
  • Ride 5 x a Week

My favourite category of all, this one is a big one! "New Horse"... I have been throwing this idea in my head, and although the costs of owning two horses scares me, the reality of cutting is that to ride as a Non-Pro, and to practice regularly, it is an asset to have your own horse. Now to find something...

Back to Cutting and Back to the Show Pen are my most serious goals... I had a taste of it in Arizona and Texas, and I had one very successful (albeit very small show) whilst in Arizona... I am hungry for more, hungry for more shows, learning more, training harder... all of it, I want it.

A Trailer... I have the truck, and now I would love a little starter trailer. Renting a trainer this summer was all fine and dandy, but I'd rather put money toward my own!

Ride 5 x a Week... For this to happen I either need a new horse, or to find somewhere to ride. But, as any horseman knows, you become better with more time in the saddle, and I need to get my butt back in a saddle, and start working at it - big time.


Put this in for a laugh... this was 7 year old Louisa asking for some constructive comments from her grandparents... still looking for it today!

  • Minimum Posts 3 x a week
  • More Focused & Concise = Journalism x Lifestyle
  • Ramp It Up!
  • 500 Followers - Instagram/Facebook
  • Get Published

To get my blog, and my writing where I'd like it... I need to put some serious work in this year. I definitely need to post more - a minimum of three. I'd like to start being more focused and concise with my posting as well. More series, more of a journalistic approach to some pieces, and bring more life into the whole lifestyle blog - basically build a portfolio so that I can get published. This is a dream of mine, my dream job is working at an equine magazine, and the baby steps towards that are to get published. This year, I am going to do just that. I also want to ramp it up - contests, giveaways, interviews, profiles and guest bloggers - take it to a level I haven't yet tried out! Finally, I would like to bolster my social media presence... this is also my first foray into using social media, and I would like to get both my Western Twist Instagram and Facebook at 500 likes - so ya'll head over there and throw me a like!! :)

Can't wait to see what 2015 has in store for me!
What are your resolutions this year?!


  1. Love this! I need to make a resolution list with headings and bold words. Very gniiiice!

  2. These are great goals! I especially love the "new horse' one :)

  3. I hadn't thought of making goals for my blog, but I might have to now...

  4. Sound like great goals to me! You can do it!!


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