The Lame Horse Chronicles: A Day in the Lame-Horse Life

As told by Me & .... As told by Jingle...

Generally, when Jingle spots me he refuses to come in. He is a dorkus. So I must go retrieve him. He has also made friends with these two across the fence from the English barn that play with their feed pan... hilarious.

Mahm arrives, she trudges out to the pasture and takes me from my friends and brings me inside... she is so annoying... can't she see I'm PLAYING ?!

I bring Jingle in and throw his Back on Track Wraps and Blanket on.

Then she puts my Bankie and Booties on. Which I like, they are warm and make me happy. I show approval by dropping, mahm says i'm disgusting, still don't get her.

He get's a half scoop of grain with Recovery EQ Extra Strength, which more often than not he refuses to eat.... annoying the heck out of me because that shit ain't cheap!

Then she brings me my grain. Good Mother.
I like my grain until I realize there is DEMON POWDER in it, then I refuse to eat it.

So, classic horse training the owner, I hand feed him the rest.

So I force her to hand-feed me... then I am happy to eat the demon powder.


See? Happy - Handsome - Adorable... All those work for me. Maaaahm tells me I am the most special horse in the world, and I would hate to disagree with that statement.

Cash and Jingle love each other, and Cash will sit under Jingle and wait for grain to fall from his mouth so he can hurriedly eat it.

Then her annoying dog appears, which she calls "my brother." How am I related to an 18 lb poofy mutt?! I ask you this... and he eats all the grain I drop. Annoying... I was saving that for later!

Then, we move into stretches,.. I do cookie-stretches... neck to shoulder both sides, nose to knee both sides, nose to chest, nose extended and head up, and then I back him straight the length of the alleyway. Lately Jingle has been getting more and more flexible, especially on his left side which he was previously locked up on - which is exciting!!

Then, Mahm brings out the COOKIES, which I LOVE. Except when I try to grab them she swats me... Then she makes me move my head around, which I oblige only because I love COOKIES and just want to get whatever this weird dance is OVER WITH so I can have more COOKIES.

Just today Jingle and I began some hand-walking in the arena, I'm starting out slow with 10 minutes 3-4 times this week and will build from there. I got the "ok" to try to ride him again February 1st from the vet, but i'd rather just do some ground conditioning for the month and see how he goes. If he appears sound after the month, I will ride him... fingers crossed.

Today, Mahm forced me to walk circles with her around the arena... IS THIS HER IDEA OF FUN? She is so strange. I told her so, but she ignored me and just took selfies.... 21st century mahm..

Other days I have been working on some beginner trick-training with Jingle, just easy stuff to keep his mind engaged. This is important because sometimes he turns into a loony-toon without being worked, and seems to like being in the arena and doing something. Here we were working on standing...

Sometimes I come into the arena to see garbage everywhere... then mahm makes me stand in between the garbage... I do what she says because it generally results in COOKIES. When I do what she says, she seems happy, resulting in more COOKIES... it really is a win-win.

Good Pony.

LOOK HOW HANDSOME I AM. Cookies approaching in T minus 3...2...1

Jingle LOVES to roll, and I really do come from the school of thought that rolling is good for their self alignment. Lately he has been excited to trot off and roll, and jump up in a fresh manner. This has me excited that he's exhibiting he's feeling good...

Rolling is the most fun in the arena, look at me here - weeeeeeee

I can roll completely over on both sides... I am so talented.... weeeeeeee

After all the arena-fun, I bring Jingle back into the barn and give him a good brushing since I keep him blanketed in the winter. I love doing a good solid brush - it forces you to really look your horse all over, see where they are ouchy/sore/any injuries etc.

Brushing time is when I really just want to go outside to my friends, No cookies, No grain... Mahm swatting me when I try to trample her... NO FUN TO BE HAD.

Then Jingle get's turned out with his two buddies Hailey, and Bandit. He thinks Hailey is his girlfriend, and sometimes she obliges.

See? She thinks I'm Sexy. ;)

& That my friends... is literally the day in the life of a lame horse... day in-day out for months on end. haha It's a good thing I love him, or else I'd go a little stir crazy.
 (Oh wait... I am going stir-crazy... hoping the lameness fairy comes any day now and grants me a Non-lame horse...)


  1. I am reading jingles comments in his jingle voice and it is priceless. Haha love this!!!!! So spot on!

  2. I am reading jingles comments in his jingle voice and it is priceless. Haha love this!!!!! So spot on!

  3. ugh hate lameness! But he seems to enjoy it...specially the cookie part ;)


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