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My fitness journey is not always the easiest one (... aka I slept in all morning and now am blogging instead of running... sigh) and I attribute a lot of that to my crazy work schedule that I have right now waitressing. However, taking time to go to new studios and experience new types of classes always spices up a week and you always feel better afterwards - two major pluses.

This last week I tried out a two different yoga classes in Calgary. The first was at a new studio called Junction 9 Yoga & Pilates. The second was a Surfset Fitness Class, called Surf n' Salutations at Studio Revolution Fitness!

Junction 9 Yoga & Pilates

The Yoga studio at Junction 9
image taken from website

Junction 9 is one of the most aesthetically pleasing studios I have ever been too. Located in Inglewood in Calgary, their entryway area which they have dubbed "Grand Central", offers coffee, fresh juice and a "communal space to connect with each other." The yoga studio was clean and bright, with a ton of natural light. Something to look forward to in the summer months is that they also have a rooftop patio where they will be offering yoga classes - including one at sunrise! Drool. They also offer pilates which I would love to try out!

Our instructor for the class I tried, Jamie, was helpful, positive and moved us through our poses effortlessly. The last yoga class I was at, I had a very hard time finding centre and being in my own head. It was frustrating, and ultimately led me to be exasperated by the end of the class. Not really yogi.... At the start of the class Jamie asked us to reflect on our own personal "I am" statement for the duration of the class. I chose "I am present", and worked on that throughout the 75 minute class and it was very helpful. I left the class feeling a little more present and a little calmer than when I had entered. Thanks for Sarah, a first timer!!, for attending with me - it was a lovely day. Junction 9 is lovely, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

A shot of Grand Central at Junction 9
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The surfboards at Studio Revolution - SO MUCH FUN
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From calm and centered to totally wild and fun - I tried my first Surfset Fitness class at Studio Revolution. You literally do yoga (or a plethora of other classes they offer) on a surfboard - there are bands on either side to stabilize them, or take the bands away and you have a much more mobile board. Even with the bands on - we were moving and grooving! When we got there, the owner Mallory Chapman was there and greeted us enthusiastically and happily. Our instructor, Anna, was awesome and supported as we jiggled around on our boards. The beginning of the class started with waves crashing through the sound system simulating being on a surfboard in the ocean - it was so cool. As we moved through the 45 minute class we had a couple good laughs as people fell off and wobbled around on their boards, but also had a very strong practice that I thoroughly enjoyed. At one point during a break we even had to "paddle" out to sea - it was so fun.

Surfset is definitely not easy and required a lot of balance and focus, but it was also so much fun and anyone could go and try it! I would highly recommend Studio Revolution - so friendly, fun, and out there! I would love to try the other classes they offer. Thanks Amy for dragging me out, and thanks Brigitte for coming with me!

Surf n Salutations - one of the many classes offered
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All in all such a fun week trying new things, new studios and having new experiences! If you are in Calgary try these studios out!!


  1. I think I would quickly and severely injure myself if I tried to do yoga on a moving surf board.

  2. There is no way I am coordinated and balanced enough to do yoga !


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