Cashie & I's Anniversary!

The first day 

A year ago today I was working in Arizona, when Emma, our part-time help, jumped out of her truck with a small, fluffy dog named Cash in her arms. They had too many dogs, and Cash was for lack of a better word, becoming a gigantic shit-disturber because of it. Factor in some issues with food aggression, and he needed a little bit more one-on-one than he was getting. I had been thinking of getting a dog, and although I had never in my life had a dog under 35 lbs, and saw myself as a "big dog" type person, I couldn't help but find the little dude cute. I agreed to "foster" him for them, see how it worked between us, and if in a week it wasn't working out - we'd find him a new home.

As you can guess, he never left.

Well, Cash cuddled right up next to me on my couch, and now firmly has that position next to me for the rest of his life. Cash is a goof-ball and a mutt. When fluffy he looks like some concoction of a designer dog, but in reality he is a heinz 57 of jack russell x poodle x dachshund x probably other stuff. The jack russell comes out in him whilst playing two of his top games - chase the squirrel and dig ALL THE HOLES.

"I was NOT digging up and destroying Grandma's yard - that was NOT me."

He is a total shit-head by the way, when he's bored he mauls my mother's dog, or her possessions (namely nice shoes), or ya know... her. He thinks he is the king of my mother's household and you can often find him at the foot of her bed barking at her, attempting to force her to understand that he needs something. Whether it be her play with him, a toy, some food, to go outside - anything really. She has come to call him "Little Boss Man", and I think he finds that term very endearing.

Cash LOVES to sit in chairs... he is bizarre.

Cash loves being at the barn, but is pretty respectful of his environment - he knows to keep out of the way of horse's feet. Mainly, his favourite barn past-time is a game called "Get so dirty that mom cries when she puts me back into the truck." Second to that is, "Sit under Jingle's grain bucket and eat what he drops." He likes to be at horse shows, but hates to be locked away in a trailer or a stall where he can't get the attention he rightfully deserves. (Or atleast thinks he deserves) So, when we were in Arizona he had a play pen we would set up under the gooseneck so he could watch the people coming and going.

A stand-off, told you he was a cow dog.

A summer day with my two favourite boys.

Cash is my poofy little shadow, and my best buddy. There's nothing that makes me happier then to tell him to "load-up" as he jumps in my truck and takes his rightful place on his pillow in the shotgun position. I am lucky to have him, and blessed that he fell into my life with his weird little crooked ballerina paws (he is also deformed - btw), and his bossy neurotic attitude. I love him, and can't believe we've already hit one year together.

Cuddles with my dude.

Here's to many more!!


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