Groomer Nightmares

So, did you guys know I have the CUTEST poofiest dog in the entire world??


He is also utterly distinguished - check that bow-tie out ladies and gentlemen. The bowtie, and the poofy hair, is what makes Cash's adorable personality. Unfortunately it is now gone, and I am left with what I affectionately, but also seriously, call "Imposter Cash".

I brought Cash into the groomers, and I will admit, he had gone from poofy to shaggy, but it is also winter and we are also outside a lot. In Arizona, Cash went to a groomer that did a really good job with his shaggy-curly hair, I didn't really think his coat was a problem coat. Well, I was (apparently) wrong. I brought him to the groomer who declared him "totally matted", while glaring at me and judging me. When I returned to get Cash, he had been clipped to 10 mm, which the groomer declared "much better for him." I could have killed her.

First things first - as a paying customer, please don't treat me like a child, nor an animal abuser. I regularly come into two major issues in the animal world - the first is with horses: Just because my horse, Jingle, is not a performance horse - DOES NOT mean he doesn't deserved to be treated as one when it comes to veterinary care and attention. The second - just because my dog looks like a frou frou city dog, doesn't mean he can't be out in the country, getting dirty and enjoying life. 

Ultimately, I was overly frustrated because the groomer didn't seem to care to listen to my opinion or facts (that other groomers had been able to deal with his curly coat at the same length). There is truly nothing worse than not being heard. To add insult to injury, there is nothing worse than not being head and having to pay a ridiculous amount for it. Plus, it is cold and it is winter - and now my dog is NUDE. Le sigh.

And to add even more salt in the naked dog wound?! They removed his bow-tie and we it wasn't put back on, so I didn't even notice until I was home. Now he needs a new bow tie!!

So of course... we headed to Greenhawk and Cash got a new Winter Coat...

The Shedrow 420D Dog Coat

... pays to be spoiled, and nude, I guess. 


  1. Oh man, it's not easy to find a good dog groomer. I literally cried once and ran back into the salon to grab my dog because I didn't feel comfortable leaving him there. Okay, so that's probably me being overdramatic, but seriously. I like my dog cut a very specific way, and since I'm the one paying for it, I expect the groomer to do what I say!

  2. I do the grooming on Merle- I'm afraid a groomer would take scissors to him!

  3. I'm sorry to hear about the misunderstanding that happened between you and the groomer that resulted into Cash being "naked". I see why you were really frustrated when the smooth furs of your dog were gone in an instant. Well, for me he's still cute, though I hope his furs were able to grow back rapidly.

    Ashley Ziegler @ SF Hound Lounge


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