My Top 10 Horse Photos

So awhile ago on Facebook everyone was putting up their top 5 photos and nominating others to do it. Well, no one ever nominated me, (I will remember this until the day I die!!), but not to be phased I decided to do my own thaaaang and do my top 10 horse photos and then tomorrow my top 10 Jingle photos. Also... I have so many great photos, I could have done 50 top photos, but these are the ones I could find the easiest - hope you enjoy them!

1. Louisa gets bucked off, breaks her wrist & learns a lesson

Back when I was a baby that thought I was bullet proof and a champion horse-rider because I had started riding (very calm, very nice) babies... I decided to jump on one of my babies bareback for a photo. I got turfed. A broken wrist ensued. I was ashamed. A lesson was learned.

2. On Top of the World; Where Everything is Perfect

My most trusty steed, Cash and I looking over the ranch I worked at for years, and loved more than any place i've ever been. This particular lookout was entitled "The Top of the World" - I think you can surmise why. This is a favourite because not only is it gorgeous, but that horse was a truly amazing partner, and that place was a truly wonderful place.

3. Running with the Broodmares

I love and hate this photo, aesthetically it's beautiful, but I HATE my hands in the photo.. ugh. Anyways, this was for Jingle and I's first (of many) photoshoots. My friend, and photographer, Dean thought up the concept, Jingle was barely trained and still very wild but we went for it, and it sure was cool.

4. Cuttin' Hoss'

My favourite princess mare Cleo, watching the cutting going on in the main pen at South Point, Las Vegas on the TV's from the warmup pen. She actually stopped to watch the tv, it was hilarious. I love this photo because it shows how intuned and in love this mare was with her job. 

5. A Win in Arizona

My first time ever winning a class at the Marana Club Cutting in Arizona on a great mare, Tulip. One of my most favourite memories - ever. One of those runs where it all just fell together and worked... perfect.

6. Bunny the Baby

The first little cutting bred two year old I rode and loved. This little mare really solidified what good breeding does to a horse, she knew to plant it and stop before I even wanted her too. So talented, willing and excited to do her job... those are the fun ones.

7. Ranch Girlin'

I am blessed to be one of the Calgary Stampede Ranch Girls for two years running. Where else do you get the exhilaration of running out in front of a crowd of rodeo-lovers at the best and biggest outdoor show on earth? Or get to do it alongside absolutely amazing women? Or wear as much bling as possible? One of my favourite gigs for sure.

8. Fierce

A photo by Sarah Mckenzie, my favourite photographer.
This saddle bronc reminds me daily to be fierceness and live my favourite George Lane quote - "Keep yourself in the position to look any man in the eye and tell him to go straight to hell." #preachit

9. Beginnings at the Bar J

Remember that ranch that I loved with all my heart? Here I am at 8, the only photo I have of a young Louisa on a horse, on an ornery mare named Minnie. This is where it truly all began, and for that, I am forever thankful.

10. Good Trails, Better Friends

I am so lucky to be blessed with many friends who support me, my passion for horses, and my vision for my life - through thick or thin. Brigitte, is one of them, and I do love this photo of us.


  1. thanks for including me (and Macman) in your top ten! Feeling *honoured* but where is my nomination bitch? hahaha ;) it was a stupid facebook contest anyways

  2. I love all of these photos! So awesome :) I was nominated (eventually) on facebook but only 2 of the 4 I nominated actually participated - go figure!

  3. Horses humble us an inspire us- but we could do without the broken bones!

  4. It's so cool that you have so many photos from great memories and experiences.


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