The Lame Horse Chronicles: Werkin'

We are still at it, after 3 weeks of building up the ponykins on hand-walking in the arena, we have now moved to a teeny tiny bit of lunging. I am using a surcingle to bring him back slowly, but slightly more correctly. So far this week I have lunged him three times - the first/second time on the loosest hole, and lastly two holes in. Excitingly (fingers crossed!) he appears to be moving at about 95% again!! No head bobbing, a slight "snapping" motion through his shoulder/leg that I am attributing to over-compensation but that's about it.

"This is new..."

Jingle can often lose it on a lunge line - "I am scared of whips, I am scared of lunge lines, I am scared of you, I am scared of life".. type stuff. However, he seems quite happy to be back to work, lots of lip-licking and even some frisky-ness on the lunge line I haven't seen in awhile followed by some serious concentration to what he's doing which is also exciting. So far I have been doing a 10 minute warm-up hand-walk, followed by our last session at a 8 min trot (4 minutes each way) with transitions between jog and extended trot, then a 10 minute cool-down hand walk. Finally, I follow with grain, his back on track blanket and wraps, and stretches. I will probably hold that same work-out for 3-4 sessions next week, then slowly continue to bump up trot time for a few more weeks.

"Why am I wearing this?! Has my mom seen that 50 shades movie everyone is talking about..."

Jingle's massage therapist, Brigitte, came out on this week and worked on him and he had a pretty great review afterwards. A lot less tension in both front lower legs, and less locked up in his right shoulder! Now we just have to work on his back muscles that we have lost to time off.

& hopefully, one day, we will be back to this partnership...

& yes, this is our theme song these days....
"Out here work, work, work, work, workin' on my shit"


  1. Ha, I LOLed at the 50 shades reference! :P Which BOT products do you use? I've been saving forever for BOT stuff.

    1. I use the mesh sheet and the pillow/standing quick wraps, I have a full set. I LOVE all the products and want to try some human ones on myself. Jingle seems honestly happy and calm when the products are on - he hangs his head, drops, stands quietly.. They are definitely pricey, but I think worth it. The amount of wear i've gotten out of them in two years is insane, and they still look good as new.

  2. Oh sweet pony face. But yay, going back into work!


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