Top 10 Jingle Photos

I have about 6000 photos of Jingle that I adore, so again, here is a small selection of 10 photos of my most favourite pony in the entire universe.

1. First Time Sorting

Although my little prince isn't very cowey (mahm, I dont get what we are doing here) he tried so hard for me this day, and also, he looks like a true badass in this photo.

2. At the Lookout

A shot of me and the big dude the summer I bought him

3. Speaking the Same Language

I think this was Jingle and I's first full summer together, and this was our last ride of the summer. It was this year that I knew that he would be "mine" one day - and the next summer he was!

4. Posing amongst the Dandelions

Oh irony... Here is a favourite shot I took of Jingle on a summer's day, notice the grain pan - this was during when his lameness first appeared and I was monitoring him eating his bute. Oh well, the photo is still a favourite.

5. My Boy

Again, one from our last summer, my beautiful boy.

6. First Times!

A first time ever standing on a horse for me, let alone my own pony - a pretty awesome moment.

7. Babies First Gymkhana

..& what a badass he is!

8. The Right Light

I've posted this one on the blog before, but again, a favourite. Can't wait to have this one put to canvas for my new place, I think it's perfect. Thanks to my friend Sarah for the shot!

9. Rhythm

There wasn't many times I ever felt totally in sync with my horse in the arena, until I came home from Arizona. Then he came up lame... come on universe... but still, here is a shot of a quiet and calm Jingle loping in the arena this summer, a rare occurrence, a beautiful shot.

10. My Best Friend

Finally.. saving one of the best for the last... a shot from our photoshoot this summer once I came home. He was such a good boy that day, and the photos that came from it are some of my most favourites.


  1. <3 Aw! These are absolutely wonderful. I love the last one and the black&whites especially.

  2. How could you not have 6000 amazing photos of the two of you?? You're both gorgeous!


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