Conformation Experts - GO!

I know these photos aren't great, but along with my conformation-eye, nor are my photographer skills haha. So, let me hear what you think about this pony. Her name is Lena and she is a 4 yo trained in cowhorse...

the story about her will come later :)


  1. A little straighter in the hind leg than my preference, but overall looks ok. Might just be the pictures though, she might present better if she was stood up square for the photos and photo taken from belly level. Are you buying her?

    1. I definitely need some work on my conformation photos .. that is for sure haha. I am considering buying her, yes. Waiting to hear back about another filly I like in Arizona, but if the AZ mare is priced too high, I think I will purchase this one instead.

  2. I know almost nothing about conformation so I can't really comment there. Her face is so sweet and adorable, she has a very kind eye too :)

  3. She looks pretty well built! It's tough to tell, but from some angles her back looks a bit long and her neck a bit short, but not drastically so.


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