Spring Fever

Horse girls don't need groundhogs to tell them when spring is coming. Thankfully for us equine-minded gals (and guys!) once we leave the barn covered head to toe in hair, and featuring some in our mouths, we know it's two seasons...

1. Shedding Season

which means...

2. Spring is Coming!!

Jingle is firmly of the camp that it is spring, and thus, hair is flying off of him at a rapid rate. Cue never being able to go from the barn straight to somewhere else anywhere again. (Okay, I'm being dramatic... for a few months... god, I hate shedding season).

And with spring, comes spring fever, and Jingle was showing me all his spring playfullness today with his goofy-goober side...

File this under: My horse is the fricken cutest horse in the whole wide world.


  1. This is related but unrelated, but have you seen that magic shed blade video on Facebook? It makes me want to buy that product and I don't even have a hairy horse!

    1. I have not seen that - heading to check it out right away! Haha, also jealous you don't have a hairy horse... mine is a total fluffball, and it isn't even THAT bad this winter.


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