The End of an Era: RIP Arctic Sport Muck Boots

I finally retired my tried and true (and very very tired) Muck Boots that I've had since 2011.

They were the "Arctic Sport" model, and I originally bought them when I was working at a barn, mucking 40+ stalls a day, working in and out of wash racks, and hauling shavings and manure in and out of the barn in -30 degree weather. My feet were never cold, my feet were never wet, and they held up to A LOT. & They were PINK. Who can go wrong?!

The last photo...

In Canada, Muck Boots (or some semblance of) are a definite MUST on my barn attire list. Review wise, I am pleased with how well they stood up to serious use over four years. However, the big thick bottoms of the Arctic Sport model were clunky and heavy, and not that easy to move around in. I.e. Handwalking, Driving.. Plus the clunky bottoms also seemed to attract a lot more grime and muck to get stuck to them.

Boots making an appearance circa 2012
shoutout to adorable clipped christmas Jingle

I basically walked the heels right out of them, the insulation had rubbed off and was causing my heels to become sore and blistered. I knew it was time. It was very hard to throw them in the dumpster. I kept thinking - BUT maybe I'll use these again some day.


Go buy new ones you idiot.

So, I did!!

I settled with these bad boys:

The Arctic Adventure - For Serious Canadians Like Myself

Review time: They didn't come in half sizes, so I settled with an 8, but a 7.5 would have been perfect. They are WAY lighter than my previous pair, honestly atleast 3 lbs lighter, which is nice for other activities where i'm not slipping my cowboy boots on, like going to the dog park. They are a lot cuter and stream lined (only an equestrian can use "cuter" as a reference term when talking about muck boots). They aztec pattern is nice and a little more understated but still not plain jane boring. The soles are much more comfortable as well.

I was quite surprised that they also have a serious boot comfort range - all the way to -30C, whereas my previous went to -40C. I thought they wouldn't be great for super cold weather, but apparently I am wrong. It was chilly out today and yesterday at the barn, in the -10C area, and my feet never felt wet or cold so that is a good sign already!

Plus, I got them for $40 off, from Lammles in Calgary, so thats a win aswell. They came to $146.99 after taxes.

New Snow, New Boots

Overall, I am very happy with the most recent purchase, however, they are already covered in filth so they definitely have already lost their shiny-new feeling.


  1. I love the new boots! I live in rubber boots or my stable boots, I think I need some muck boots in my life :)

  2. I like them! I hear you about the heavy boots- I had a pair of Dunlops and they were quite heavy. I tried on some Mucks but the sizing in the ladies boots wasn't right, at least in the styles I tried on. I might have to go to the men's but then again it's back to the heavy soles.


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