Happy 11th Birthday Jingle!

On Sunday, Jingle turned 11 years old.
Most days, it's hard to believe Jingle is 11, because most of the time he acts like a naughty 2 year old.
But, every now and then, he acts like a sweet mature gelding that knows right from wrong, and it sure makes me smile.

It's hard to believe we have come from this horse...

"LOOK OVER THERE, maybe I should just blindly run towards it with no regard to you on my back"

to this...

"Look how handsome and soft I am..."

& then literally every other spot between those two extremes as well.

Then, on Monday, while waiting on Bunny to arrive, I realized that this was the last true Jingle and Louisa moment. The last moment that I would ever spend with just one horse, my first horse, just him and I, a first time, one time horse owner. Now, we are moving forward into a new era... I know that sounds a little wishy washy, and perhaps a little melodramatic. But, I had a tearful moment, and held on to his mane, and thanked him for being my first horse, and for even making it to eleven years old, and promising him that he would always be number one, always be the first.

Then... I attempted to try to take a selfie and he bashed me very hard in my face...

That about sums it up.

This was the best I could get.
Love you, big guy.


  1. Tango always bashes me too when I try to take selfies -- horses! Happy birthday Mr Jingle!

  2. Happy birthday to your complicated guy!


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