Convention Rodeo

On a glitzier, happier note,  as many of you know I'm one of the Calgary Stampede Ranch Girls. It's a privilege to be able to ride for the CS brand, and I am now about to enter into my third stampede! It's crazy to think three years have flown by since I first tried out - I had never even held a flag back then, and here we are. Being part of the CS Ranch Girls is a little crazy, for example, today I was on Facebook and in my right hand corner on the "suggested" screen... there I was... second girl in.

That's me and Duke - second girl in with the purple flag at the 2014 Calgary Stampede!

Here's a short video from a convention rodeo we performed in on Sunday - and guess what, it was my first time leading too - on a new horse, named JJ, no less! (A horse I had ridden at the last rodeo and couldn't get stopped haha). It's safe to say, this time it went a whole heck of a lot better with him.

It's a lot of fun - and it's totally insane. I've never felt more two parts excited and scared feeling my own heartbeat in my chest matched with the heartbeat in my horses as we are about to run out the centre gate at the infield at the Stampede. 

Can't wait to do it again this year - and you can be sure I'll be blogging all about it!


  1. Life goes on. Super exciting to still ride at the stampede, Id love to do that, oh I wish I were younger.


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