May Long 2015

I love camping.. & I love May Long. It's like redneck christmas... the beginning of the camp season... not for the weak of heart (because it usually rains or snows). For those of you that don't know, "May Long" is the long weekend in May that falls on the Canadian holiday of Victoria Day, where we throw open the doors to our campers/tents/cars/whateveryoumay and head out to the wilderness.

I have had some really excellent luck with May Long weather-wise... this year... not so much. It rained for a lot of it, and there was even some serious POURING happening. Miserable, horrible, pouring rain. Our little campsite, that we dubbed "Tarp-city" for the tarps that were slung from trailer to trailer, barely survived. It also snowed one night... like, it looked like Christmas morning snow... it was gone by morning, but STILL. Thus, the riding, adventuring, hiking, and enjoying the outdoors was a little limited, which limited my photos, but I do have some to take you along on the ride.

Laura and I headed out bright and early Thursday morning with Cash in the backseat, and Jingle in tow, to retrieve Mac and Brigitte. Cash ALWAYS sits in the front passenger seat on his big cushion, this time he had little room amongst the bags and what not and he was NOT happy.

"What is this shit?!" - Cash

Like I said... redneck holiday... bringing a horse in from the back of the truck because *ugh, who really wants to walk right?

Brigitte, Mac, Jingle & I

Brigitte and I are pretty lucky that our horses always get along. They lived together at the ranch we both purchased them at, but in a big herd. Then, they lived together in a paddock at the boarding stable we used to keep them at. Now, years later, it's like they haven't skipped a beat.

Camping wouldn't be anything without a fun drinking game... (right?.. shush)
This time, we concocted "Chopped: Cocktail Edition". Teams had to use one very light, very cheap beer (Brewhouse), and a twig from a spruce tree to create an excellent cocktail. There was also a "pantry" available with various pops, juices, foods, what have you. The winning team (Sarah and Russel) created a delicious cocktail named "Kale-No!". Also, sidetone, amazing how tasty all these drinks ended up being - shoutout to spruce twigs.

A Selfie that actually turned out AMAZINGLY well. I literally just told them to come a little left, and a little right, and this is what happened. 

Cash is really the littlest dog with the biggest heart. He came along one day, and just kept on truckin'. Here is he wading his way through a river crossing, determined to keep up with his best-bud, Brigitte's dog, Hawkeye.

Monday we did get a really beautiful ride in, and the sun finally came out to play.

Hi Mountains!

Heading home up the Red Deer River
Blue Skies Forever.


  1. Sounds like fun...if you had a cabin to sleep in. Im not much of a camper which is hard cause I really wanna do some mountain rides this summer and am too far away to do one day rides. Guess Im gonna have to suck it up and camp


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