A Big Move.

My beloved ranch was finally sold, and possession is the first of June. This was the ranch where I was a camper, camp counsellor, riding leader, barn boss... the gamut. Of course, I call it MY beloved ranch, but it was owned by the same family (generations of) for 53 years.. so although it was beloved to many of us, it was very much their own. I can only imagine how hard it is to leave behind something you have owned, loved, and worked for so long.

The Red Barn
To me, this is the most perfect barn in the entire world. I have been in million dollar barns, with each stall housing a celebrity in the horse world, and yet, if you were to ask me, this is the most beautiful and perfect barn. There is just something about an old barn.

Live and die by this brand.

So, with a bit of a heavy heart at the closing of a big chapter of my life, we headed out there to help them move. As you can imagine, 53 years may bring a lot of emotion... but it brings a whole lot of stuff as well. It took many days of moving, but the day the big crew of us arrived, it took probably 2 flatbed trailer loads, 3 horse trailer loads, and 10 truck loads to load up a house, a barn, and a shop and put them into 3 seasons. After the fact I was disgustingly dirty, but felt pretty accomplished with myself. Not just a little blonde thing, I tell ya.

It can't all be serious... hopping on the bobcat to catch a ride.. of course then I saw the "No riders on this vehicle EVER" sign, eel.

Unloading & Unpacking

A wonderful lunch on such a beautiful day! The previous week had been May Long and it just POURED. This time we got blue skies and sunburns. Alberta, you are crazy!

A beautiful shot by my friend (and talented photographer), Sarah Mackenzie, this pole barn, affectionately known as "The Shed" was home for many, many, many years. I have never felt a stronger connection with physical places than at this place. It was like, this was where I was meant to be.

As we sat and had lunch, two bald eagles came and hung in the air above us for atleast five minutes. It was amazing. I'm not big on signs.. but.. if this wasn't...


Where the Grease Creek meets the Red Deer River...
A river runs through it.

The crew!
I love these people. Really, truly, honestly, just adore them.

After we went to leave, Sarah and I stopped and took a quick hike to a spot we "discovered" years earlier. Named (as everything was) the "Top of the World", it is one of our favourite look-outs. Just check out that view... absolutely breathtaking.

& now.. on to new chapters.


  1. How cool that you were able to help them! I hope the new owners loved it like you all did.

  2. Beautiful place indeed. Hope the new owners do it justice.

  3. Wow, what a beautiful spot. You have some lovely photos and amazing memories to treasure it.


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