A Snippet

It's been awhile since I published, or even wrote, one of my Story Sunday's. Sometimes, you just gotta take a break and let it come to you, I think. However, there are snippets and pieces rolling around my brain. Here is a little one I started on a trail ride this May...

"I've been arena riding, for quite some time now,
my favourite kinda' ridin' is cuttin' ornery cows.
I feel the most accomplished when I hear that buzzer sound,
and know that my horse and I, we didn't come unwound.
Yet, I have to call it like I see it, and get off this pedestal, this arena rail,
because folks - tried and true - I was raised out on the trail."


  1. Keep it coming- this one could go either direction! Arena or trail.... but really both are winners as long as you are a-horseback.


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