Baseball Luxe

Lately, I've been struggling with bridging my barn style over to my evening style. The two don't seem to compliment, I mean.. go see my latest #yogapantsandcowboyboots post, and you'll see what i'm saying. I'm a big baseball cap kind of girl, and so today I paired two looks with a new MLB hat, that I could look cute in, day or night... my own version of a "sporty chic" ensemble.

I picked the San Francisco Giants, because a) I have been to one of their spring training games and it was fun, and b) I like their logo... it's cute.
#notamassivebaseballfan #canadianswatchhockey

I found this hat on the Fanatics website, Here.

However, as much as I'm not totally on the up and up of MLB teams, I LOVE baseball hats, and my collection is massive. I have seen a lot of girls that can really pull off a cute look in a flat brimmed hat, so that is where my inspiration came from.

I started with a daytime barn look, something I could wear to the barn, ride horses in all day and then feel comfortable enough to grab lunch or beer with friends afterwards

Daytime Look

Then I decided to also put together a nighttime look, something I could see myself wearing out to a concert, rodeo, etc. that incorporated my favourite SF hat...

Nighttime Look

So, there you have it... from day-to-night, all with the help of a Fanatic SF Giants Hat!


  1. Im not much of a baseball fan either. Or a hat fan. But I do have a baseball hat I wear occasionally (mostly when it rains to keep the rain off my glasses, lol)


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