Date Night...

Tonight, after work, I slipped out to the barn and watched the sunset with Jingle.

I was hand walking him. He's still lame. Most days I want to absolutely murder him in cold blood. Especially when he fricken walks all over me. Or when he refuses to be bute-d. Or when he bashes me into a stall during the process. Or, lately, when he just exists. Sigh.

But then I get a shot like this, which makes him look like such a serene, introspective, beautiful pony... and I think, it isn't so bad. After all, I do love him. Even if he is the ultimate jackass.

Updates to follow, I swear, but for now.. take it in. 
There is nothing like an Alberta sky.


  1. Oh I know all those feelings. Just makes those precious moments all worth it. Sucks he is still lame though :(

  2. Love those magical moments.


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