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I keep meaning to post photos of the overhaul I did of the basement suite I moved into a few months ago, but it's not 100% done.. and i'm picky. It will probably be a year until I have it just the way I want it. Then I shall post photos. But, for now, I'll show a little sneak a peak into my corner office that I love.

Working in a basement suite space is kind of hard. My layout is a large L shape, so the office/living room/dining room are all in the same space, per se. I didn't want my office to be sprawling and full of clutter, and I tried to streamline everything so that it was functional, but still aesthetically pleasing and inspiring for my blogging/writing.

On the left hand side is my "magazine rack", where I keep all my favourite publications. I subscribe to Western Horse Review, Western Horseman, The Cutting Horse Chatter, Cowgirl Magazine and Quarter Horse News... the reason the rack is so empty right now is because I have piles of magazines waiting on my coffee table to be read... falling behind! Above my computer, my cork board serves as an inspiration and motivator, with quotes, memorabilia, and other inspiring pieces pinned up above me.

I am a calendar freak. I actually dislike the last week of the month because I can't change over the calendar yet. I use it, reference it, and follow it everyday. From everything from work, to social, to horse scheduling, etc. It is there.
 Above my handy-dandy calendar is a super cute glitter and teal painting my friend, Paige, did of Jingle for fun once!

I also recently acquired a desktop mac, and... in short.. i'm obsessed. I got it for a steal of a deal from my mom's architectural firm and it is worth every penny. I LOVE blogging on it. The big, clear screen, how fast it is, the storage, how new and up to date all of it is - love. The only small downside is that it's so big, it definitely overpowers my little desk, so that arrangement may have to change in the future.

shoutout to #bobthecat in the background of this photo

My chair is definitely not the most practical of office chairs, but I really like how it ties in with the grey toned walls. Plus, I think the silver studs around it are kind of modern-western.. a look I love. I actually furnished a lot of my house from Target due to their liquidation, this chair was one of those really awesome 60% off finds.

& finally, every office needs an office dog. Mine has decided that blogging, writing, internet surfing and money managing, and anything else I do at my desk is SO.BORING. and you can generally find him passed out under my chair as I work.

He is just the cutest thing I have ever seen. Man, do I love that little dog!


  1. I love your little office space! Looks like a lovely place to work. I especially love the office dog.

  2. Office dog sure is cute! Im the same way with calendars, I always wanna change it so I can see whats going on next

  3. My office is a disaster compared to yours! I notice you also have a cat. Every office needs a cat.

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  7. It seems like we have a lot in common. Your corner office space looks very similar to mine. I can see influences of your personality all over the space. I love the picture of the house and the fuzzy little dog under your chair is just so cute. Hopefully they will be something that is brought over into your new space when it is finished.

    Derrick George @ ZZone31


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