Sometimes, I play dress up
(but not often)



Burgundy H&M basic dress; $12
White Lace Top, Winners; $25
Black Boots, Target; $25
Misc Jewellery

This white lace top has been my most favourite piece lately. It gives off a bit of a witchy vibe too me, but still remains understated and easy to pair with a lot of different outfits.

Obligatory Selfie & Details

I purchased this necklace at the NFR this past year. I am a turquoise freak, and I love this bold, chunky piece.

These are my most favourite booties in the world - super cheap, SO comfortable. Sorry you went out of business up here, Target.

Turquoise, Red & Silver accents to finish it all off.


  1. Very cute outfit! Really like that bracelet, and burgundy is one of my favourite colours.

  2. I love the white top...jealous!! :)


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