#throughtheears: May Long

Today I bring you on a fantastic trail ride we had during May Long camping this year. It really was an epic ride on the lease land of the old Bates Bar J Ranch, it hit all my favourite rides, on my favourite horse. 

Heading west up the Little Red Deer River. 
This was the first blue sky we had seen for days, and it sure felt good on all of our faces.

A Shallow River Crossing
... in the heat of summer a favourite for a good lope up the river since it's so shallow and sandy.

In the Brush at the "Four-Way"
So named because there is a natural four way crossing on a plateau in the hills above the Little Red Deer River. Where, whichever way you go, you end up somewhere beautiful and fascinating.

We chose to turn left at the four-way and head towards the "Far Lookout"

The Far-Lookout Jump

This old creek has created a bit of a dramatic jump to get across, some horses were more well-behaved than others. Ahem, Jingle, you are not Hickstead.

The Far Lookout

Okay, not a #throughtheears photo... but, this is what it is all about.

From the Far Lookout, we headed North and UP to "Horseshoe Canyon" where we could see straight across the valley. And.. what goes up, must come down..

Heading Down from Horseshoe Canyon

DOWN we headed, and I mean DOWN. Criss-crossing through the hillside we ended up coming to the bottom of Horseshoe Canyon. We even got to see a sulfur-pool, where Garry, our friend and guide for the day, told us an old Bull used to live even throughout the winter because it stays warm even during the coldest parts of winter.

Still Heading Down from Horseshoe Canyon

In the River

What a beautiful day it was, I caught this shot of Jingle, stopped in the river. Look how pristine the water is! It's perfect. We took a minute to stop here because one of the horse/rider team that was with us ended bogged knee-down in some mud. She quickly got herself sorted, and away we went again. This time, we headed West again to my most favourite ride, aptly named "Forever Winter"


Sometimes, if you're lucky, there's winter here.

It has been many years since i've seen "winter" this far down. Usually you have to hike into the creek's crevice to get to see some snow and ice. This time, we merely stepped into the trees, and there it was, waiting for us. No doubt, in thanks, to how cold it had been. 

However, I don't know, the name, the place... It always feels a little magical to me. Science, be damned.

Jingle, surveying Forever Winter.

From there, we turned around, and headed East back up the Valley towards home.

On the "Flats"

It was a beautiful day. Always a great day, and a great place, to ride.


  1. Perfect! Sure wish I had a broke horse, I'm itching to get out on the trails.

  2. Sounds like a phenomenal ride!


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