From one extreme to another...
A true cowgirl?
One that doesn't really give a damn.

This was my outfit of choice handwalking Jingle at the barn the other night, around 2 am.
I'm making it a thing, jump on the bandwagon.

I am notorious for wearing some pretty awful outfits to the barn.
Denim shorts, knee high socks and cowboy boots? Been there, done that.
Baggy old boy sweaters? On the regular
I used to clean stalls at Arizona horse shows in mid calf high mukluks because they were comfy and rubber-soled.
Quite honestly, there is nothing better than doing your morning chores in your pajamas tucked into your boots - am I right?!

I'm that girl.
I bet most of you are too... :)


  1. Ummmm why were you handwalking Jingle at 2 AM? Was the silly booger colicing?And yes, I do go out in my night shirt and crocs to throw the morning hay out :)

  2. Yup pjs and boots....or shorts and boots lol or crocs whatever. Sure glad our neighbors aren't close ;)


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