Brigitte Meyer of Vitality Equine

Just wanted to give a massive shoutout to my BESTFRIEND on receiving her certification through the Equinology Equine Massage program! Brigitte Meyer, now Vitality Equine, is now able to finally be able to bring her amazing skill set to the public. Brigitte is absolutely amazing, I know I am biased but I've used tons of massage therapists and she is definitely one of my most favourites... not because of our relationship, but I can see the results happen before my eyes. 
Equinology is an intense course, which required a vigorous practicum component to pass. Brigitte worked on a variety of performance, and pleasure, horses in order to obtain her certification. It is her serious undertaking of the course, and components that followed, that leads me to believe she will be very successful. She takes nothing to do with horses lightly, and is serious in her relationships with them to make them feel whole, and well. She communicates well with clients, and follows-up via email with reports on your horses overall massage, and allows for open lines of communication should you have more questions about the initial treatment. To me, she is a vital part of any performance horse team.
Brigitte worked on Jingle when he was at his most lamest, and managed to make him not only feel comfortable, but to free up a lot of the tension he was holding in both front legs. Her attention, and care, to detail meant that Jingle was able to navigate his rehab this winter with ease, and came back feeling strong and supple.
Brigitte also worked on my beloved cutting horse, Bunny. When I contacted her to come out, she spent days researching cutting horses, their movements, and their training, so that she would feel comfortable working on Bunny. Bunny was a high strung mare, and fell in love with Brigitte at the get-go. Her calm demeanour translated to a wonderful massage for my precocious mare, who was able to relax and enjoy it, herself.
I don't know what it is about me, that makes me have such... particular horses... but I do. :) Brigitte has been able to work with both of my, sometimes hard to deal with, horses, with ease. She has the right personality to work with "difficult" horses, and is able to make them feel comfortable during treatment.
Finally, now on the search for a new horse, Brigitte formulated charts and took notes on each horse we looked at. She was able to ask questions I didn't even think of, and with a level head, assessed each horses physicality and compared it to what I would be using that horse for. So, not only is she an insanely talented massage therapist, but she is able to assist you in purchasing your next performance horse.
Brigitte, whose has a background, and degree in, Biological Science, has also taken further courses in higher level massage and biomechanics. She continues to enrich her education, and I think that is key in a successful equine therapist. Her passion for horses, how they move, and how they respond to movements, transcends into her work, and she is an absolutely pleasure to work with.
If you live in Calgary, or surrounding areas, and you would like to have Brigitte out, which I highly recommend you do, her phone number is (587) 435-1834. You definitely won't be disappointed smile emoticon


  1. I put her number into my phone, always good to have a recommendation of a good equine massage person :)


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