Calgary Stampede - Championship Sunday

Photo from Calgary Stampede Facebook

Championship Sunday proved to be a very interesting one at the Calgary Stampede 2015 this year. This was one of those days that people talk about for a long time. Newcomers, Veterans, Multiple CS Winners, Homebred kids, everybody had a chance to win at the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth on Sunday.

Not only was the contestant pool exciting, so was the weather. After a record breaking heat wave, that left us all sweating through our wranglers, the weather broke and rain began to fall early in the previous evening, straight through until the rodeo was about to start. To go-rounds before the finals were muddy, mucky and soupy, and contestants had a hard time figuring out the ground. Steer Wrestlings slipped right past cows, Tie down roper horses couldn't get into the ground, and reportedly Sherry Cervi noted this was the first time her great horse, Stingray, had EVER run in the mud. Whilst, Fallon Taylor, grinned and declared her and Babyflo, LOVED the mud, proclaiming they were going muddin'. It was definitely a test of each contestants skill and determination, and by the time the final four moved through to the championship round... the sun broke, and the ground began to dry.

... because that's Calgary for you.

Tie Down Roping
Photo from Calgary Stampede Facebook

Timber Moore, of Texas, took the Tie Down Roping Crown this year. He beat out Canadian, Curtis Cassidy, by just one tenths of a second... now if that doesn't make you squirm, I don't know what will. 

 Steer Wrestling
Photo from Calgary Stampede Facebook

Talk about veterans... Trevor Knowles, of Oregan, has now won the Steer Wrestling at the Calgary Stampede an unprecedented FOUR TIMES to the roar of the crowd. Knowles, covered from head-to-toe in mud, proudly hoisted that $100,000 cheque above his head, crowning himself the King of the CS Steer Wrestling once again.

 Saddle Bronc
Photo from Calgary Stampede Facebook

Who is that kid? If you didn't know before, now you will. It is Zeke Thurston, of Big Valley, Alberta, who just a few years ago won the novice at Calgary, and in his first year in the open saddle bronc, has now taken the championship sunday prize.

Saddle Bronc was a wild ride this year, with Thurston, competing against three of the world's best saddle bronc riders, all three of which who have trips to the NFR under their belts, - Cort Scheer, Wade Sundell & Cody DeMoss. Scheer scored a 90.0 ride, but Thurston quickly scored a 90.5, and to the shock and awe of the crowd and competitors, so did Sundell and DeMoss. All three moved to a buck-off round, Sundell faced riding FOUR broncs that day, and Thurston came from the smoke of it victorious with an 88.50 ride. Pretty Amazing - the stuff stories are made of, for sure. Congrats Zeke!

Photo from Calgary Stampede Facebook

Another Canadian takes home the $100,000! Clint Laye, of Cadogan, Alberta, took home the biggest win of his career. One of 3 members of the Laye family to take home the Sunday championship prize, Laye's smile said it all - it feels good to be here!

Barrel Racing
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Did Lisa Lockharts winning speech make anyone else teary-eyed? The South Dakota cowgirl, through misty-eyes, thanked her horse, Louie, for how strong and consistent he was. She shared with the crowd how scary a run in the mud can be, and how during the go-round earlier in the day, Louie hadn't seemed to want to run, which worried Lisa deeply. Then, the duo, who is number one in the world, came back for a huge win in Calgary. No one is more deserving, that is for sure.

 Bull Riding
Photo from Calgary Stampede Facebook

Sage Kimzey is having a pretty amazing year, after clinching the NFR in his rookie year (only two to do so in the history of the NFR), he headed up to Calgary and set the rodeo on fire. Kimzey found himself drawing, Bottle Rocket, the only bull he bucked off of during NFR, that wouldn't be the case at Stampede. The Oklahoma cowboy held on for a 92.50 ride, while his competition, JB Mauney and Aaron Roy, both bucked off. Good ride, cowboy.

Photo from Calgary Stampede Facebook

An absolutely jaw-breaking, thrilling, misty-eyed, amazing championship Sunday. It's hard to believe it is all over. &, as I heard Lisa Lockhart say to Trevor Knowles as they made their way up on the stage, "What's the exchange rate right now, Trev?" Maybe they'll have better luck with that next year.. ;)


  1. It was a great rodeo! I loved every minute of it- just wish I was seeing it in person and not on TV.


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