Calgary Stampede: Style Roundup - Part Two

Now, I know I post a bunch of selfies, and looks that definitely took me a hot minute to put together. BUT, realistically, I am a goof, and try to not take myself TOO seriously. So what do I find most in fashion - a sense of humour, and a little bit of sarcasm to make you smile...


This is me re-creating Rodeo Photographer Extraordinare, Matt Cohen's, famous #underthebrim photos. When I asked him if I had done it right, he suggested I get a little closer. Doesn't he know that any closer and you'd be able to see all the arena dirt speckled across my cheeks? #dirtfrecklesforthewin.
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Crosses & Turquoise

The return of the beaded handband (get used to it, kids)
Black Skull-Cross Shirt
Miss Me Jeans
Montana Silversmith Necklace
Definitely a fun, yet slightly edgy outfit, that can easily transition from a day of rodeo, to going out afterwards

#Twinning at the Calgary Stampede Chuckwagon Races

On Me:
Blue Denim Button-Up from American Eagle
Red Lace Headband
Wrangler Lace Skirt
Johnny Ringo Boots

Who wore it better?
Here, my best friend, Brigitte, and I, both pair our SUPER CUTE Wrangler Lace Skirt in different, yet similar ways.
I am actually in love with this skirt, it is the ultimate in western fashion, and it's just fun to twirl in!

Aztec & Boots

THAT headband
(Okay... maybe, It's time for a new headband...)
Aztec Dress, bought at NFR
Rock n' Roll Cowgirl Squash blossom Necklace
Western hip-belt
White boot socks
Johnny Ringo Boots

Another "going-out" outfit, again to Calgary's quintessential, classic Stampede bar, Ranchmans. I really like this dress because it's short, and has an open back, but still has long sleeves to maintain a not-too-much-skin look, if ya catch my drift.

& What to wear when Stampede is done, but you just can't give it up...

Knotted Headband from Aldo
Aztec Print "Bonfire" Sweater

Because, um... #Stampedeforever


  1. Hmmmmm love that skirt. Wouldn't that be fun to dance in.


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