The Road to Buying a Cutting Horse: A Guide, 3.

Alright, so, you've worked the horse, and now you have an idea of what you are dealing with, from here, what do you do?

1. Be Honest to Your Budget
- if the horse is way above your budget, that's just the way it is. Don't stress and stretch yourself to try to acquire a horse that is way out of your price range

2. Be Realistic About What's Okay/Not Okay
- Like we've discussed, this is "buying a cutting horse on a budget" there are going to be some factors that might not 100% line up with the list you've already made... what is going to be okay, and what is not?
- Is the horse a little sore that your trying? That may be normal, a lot of cutting horses are going to have some issues with soreness/soundness. Is that okay for you? What's the most your willing to take?
- Will the horse require a lot of veterinary maintenance, again, is that okay?
- For myself, it was that the horse was a little bit older than I was looking for - is older/younger okay?
- How about level of training? Are you not going to be able to go show immediately? 
The list goes on, but refer back to the list of what you want in a horse, and if the horse you are looking at doesn't gel with many of your features, it isn't the horse for you. Be comfortable in your decision. Don't rush.

3. Bring a Friend
- I brought my best friend, and my go-to equine massage therapist, Brigitte of Vitality Equine. Beforehand, we had discussed what I was looking for in a horse, and the things I was looking for. So, she had an overall idea before each time we looked at horse. Due to this, she was able to see things that I couldn't see, as well as ask questions I may have forgotten about/didn't think to ask.

4. Decide Which Horse is "YOUR" Horse
- Take notes, write down pro's & con's, blog about it like I did!, talk it through with your family & friends... whatever you need to do, but narrow down the list. If you have a few that you aren't certain about, ask to try them again (it never hurts), from there - hopefully you can narrow it down, and find a horse that is right for you.

Happy Shopping & Hopefully See You in the Show Pen. <3


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