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My post, "What Does It Mean To Be A Cowgirl", gained a lot of traction and sparked even more discussion after Cowgirl Magazine shared it on their Facebook page. It was shared over 200 times, and the post itself has thus far, received almost 3000 views! It was/is very exciting, and I am humbled a magazine that I love so much, Cowgirl Magazine, would deem this blog worthy of sharing.

The discussion that resulted around my article, prompted me to think of women that I thought emulated what I had spoken about. I said in the post that, "Cowgirls are just that, women, who are brave and bold, and who, to their core, think of themselves as horsewomen before anything else." My gaze, naturally, turned towards women that I admire in the Cutting pen - where my own passion is. That is where the impetus came for the creation of a new series I am SO excited to announce...

"The Centre Arena Series"

... a series that delves into the lives of women that are changing the game in the horse world. Women, that are bold, and brave, and who swing up into the saddle and make things happen for themselves. Women, to be admired.

For my first interview, I chose to put the spotlight on a woman that is a fierce competitor in the cutting pen, a mother, and one half of a highly successful training business. Not to mention, she took the crown as the Calgary Stampede Cutting Non Pro Champion...

 Marla Gonnet

Photo courtesy of Marla Gonnet

Marla Gonnet has been spending a lot of time in the winner’s circle lately, and it’s hard work and determination that got her there. The other half of Gonnet Performance Horses, her and her husband, Trainer Dustin Gonnet, and young son, Destry, spend everyday caring for their cutting horse, and cattle operation. Not exactly an easy task, but the Gonnet’s take it all in stride.

In recent memory, the pairing of Marla and her talented mare “Dirty Dreamin”, who is affectionately referred to as “Bean”, has been formidable. After only owning Bean for 6 weeks, Marla became the 2013 Reserve Non-Pro Champion at the Calgary Futurity. In 2014, the pair again found success at the Calgary Futurity, where they were crowned the Classic Champion. The same year, they headed to the NCHA Western Finals in Denver, and brought home the 5000 Novice Horse Non-Pro Champion title. Finally, this year, in an absolutely beautiful run, Marla and Bean laid down a 222 to take the 2015 Non Pro Calgary Stampede Champion. I would say that’s a good couple of years for the duo!

It seems to me that every electrifying pair - like Marla and Bean - have a good story behind them, so after watching her win the Calgary Stampede, I knew I would love to interview her. She graciously obliged, and I am excited and thrilled to share their story with you on With a Western Twist.

Stay Tuned for "The Centre Arena with Marla Gonnet"!


  1. Very exciting!! Can't wait to read the interview :)

  2. Very cool! Cant wait to hear the interview too


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