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How is it that summer is already done, and over? Heartbreaking. I know I've been a little MIA lately, so here's a look into life the last month or so.

We celebrated a good friend's 40th birthday at the ranch we used to all work at...

Just so you know, we are doing shots of pop rocks to see what it would be like. It was very syrupy.. and gross... kids at heart.

We went September Long Camping, for ANOTHER friend's 26th birthday. On the Sunday morning we woke up to two inches of cold, wet, snow! It was insane! But, we are troopers, and packed appropriately, and didn't let that put a damper on our festivities...

We got two new cutie barn kittens at the barn... Cutter (pictured below) and Reiner! They are adorable, and so fun to play with. Except when they climb you with their crazy sharp claws - not so fun.

&, Cash has begun to enjoy the finer things in life... Here he is asking his bar keep for one more glass of the finest champagne they have in stock...

I kid.. I kid...


My mom came out to the barn, and took selfies with Jingle. She also fed him an entire bag of carrots, and he was quite content and appreciative of that treatment. He's pretty sure that's how he is suppose to be treated daily..

But.. sigh.. in bad news... Jingle cut his face open. We don't know how, or on what, or where, but he did, and it was annoying. Jingle is VERY bad about his face, even more so now that he's not being worked regularly. So this is really not an ideal spot for him to have an issue. Ten stitches, two weeks, and $1000 (!!!!! FML) later.. it's started to heal up, and doesn't seem to bother him in the least (which is awesome). It will leave a bit of a nasty scar though.. my poor franken-face.

From left to right: the day of, after the stitches, the day the stitches came out

three days after the stitches came up... a long way to a full recovery.


Lady has been supremely wonderful. She is losing weight, and toning up, and starting to look like a pretty sleek and sexy mare. She is SO easy to be around, and just a joy to be on. The other night I was loping her around bareback, and she didn't really like it all too much, but she did it anyways. That's just the type of mare she is. Easy peasy lemon squeezey.

Here we are taking in the sights on one of her first days home at the barn.

Her and Jingle get along really well over the fence where she's been staying during the day. Probably in the next few weeks they will be turned out together, with another gelding as well. I think she'll be excited to have a herd again.

When my mom, who is very unhorsie came out, she even rode Lady. I was so pleased with how calm and receptive Lady was to someone that didn't know how to ride. She patiently worked with my mom, and listened to her cues. She's really such a great little horse.

I've begun to flag her more and more now that she's getting fit, and stronger. We definitely have a lot to work on... but each time I work her, we figure something out. I wish I had videos for you guys, but alas!, hopefully soon. Hopefully sooner I'll be able to get her on some cows!!

& that's it for now - I'm putting some serious work into cool series/articles for this blog in the very near future, so stay tuned for that! :)


  1. Poor Jingle!! Ouch. Looks like it's healing up nicely. I'm so happy to hear that Lady is such a great fit :)

  2. If you can get some good quality Lavender oil ) preferably Young Living Oils) put some on Jingle's scar- it regenerates tissue and reduces scarring.
    Lovely Lady! So glad you are having fun with her. She sounds like a real gem.

  3. Ouch on the cut! The scar will just give him some character :)


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