That One Horse...

How true is this?
Jingle's lameness and lack of being worked with, has intensified his bad behaviour 10x over lately.
Some days he is... plain and simple... absolutely brutal.

But, even with all of that...
there is just something about the guy I can't help but truly, deeply, and totally love.
It would be so, so nice to have him sound and rideable again, or even just sound.. sigh.
I have been trying some new stuff with his feet though, and i'm hoping i'll be able to see some improvement soon.

He's definitely, "the one".
So, here's to the big wild-eyed paint..


  1. Well dangit. Everything over here is crossed hoping for good things to happen!

  2. I love a big wild-paint paint myself ;) Jingle is so handsome! Hopefully things will come together soon :)


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