Fall Riding Outfit Roundup

Fall is coming into an Alberta like a lion. It was like August left us, and mother nature put her feet up, and took summer away from us. Not nice. Fall can be a hard time for riding outfits as well, sometimes, I am way overdressed, and other times, way underdressed. There's nothing more than shedding layers - putting them back on - shedding them again. Most times, I also put my stake in at the "dress like a hobo at the barn" camp, so it's hard for me to walk the barn between stylish, and comfortable. These Fall #outfithacks will help you do both. Trust me, I'm a barn hobo.

(Also, I know this is a post full of cute selfies of myself, making one believe I am not a barn hobo, but these were all planned ya'll - don't believe it until otherwise proven!)

Here's my Fall Riding Outfit Roundup...

Wild Rags 

This fall go bold and bright with fun wild rag patterns!

I love Wild Rags, I think they are so classy looking on women AND men, and can really spruce up an outfit. Wild Rags, especially in fun and exciting patterns, can take your outfit from the barn, into the "real world" easily.

Right now I am obsessing over Buck Wild, whose motto is "Life is too short to wear boring Wild Rags" - amen sista! I ordered the two pictured above, and am totally loving them. The ones I ordered are silk polyester, and they feel so nice - you would never be able to tell they aren't silk, plus it kept them a bit more cost effective. The two that I got are 42x42, so nice and big, another thing that I love - I hate little baby wimpy scarves. #aintaboutthatlife

Cute Ball Caps

Focus on picking hats that can hide your not-so-cute hair, but also look stylish while doing it!

So, as a self professed "Barn Hobo", I definitely have some ball caps that make me look... not so cute. (I'm looking at you ugly puke pink John Deere hat that I thought was cute in 2005) . My two favourite hats at the moment is this maroon Hooey hat, and my vintage denim Pursue Victory hat. Hooey hats are everywhere in the rodeo world right now, I especially like their well made flex-fit style, and how simple, yet attractive they are.

However, I REALLY love my Pursue Victory hat because it's made by local designer Paige Callaway, who is effortlessly cool and chic. My next purchase from them, will be their fitted PV shirts - love, love, love them! Pursue Victory found a storage of these denim snapback hats from the 80's, and bought them up and branded them - effortlessly cool & vintage? #gimmedat

Layers, on Layers, on Layers

When it comes to riding horses - Layering is the most critical component of a fall wardrobe.

*Sidenote - Brigitte, this is what you get when you take surprise selfies on my phone - straight into the blog posts! sucka!

Layering is inevitable when it comes to fall fashion, annoying... but necessary... Long sleeves are always a major feature in a good fall outfit - whether that be a classic red plaid, or fitted western shirt. It keeps you warm, but looks especially cute when tucked under a vest. As many of my friends know, my vest of choice is my custom Eddie Bauer vest given to me by the fine folks over at Core Balance. It's fitted, versatile, and oh-so-warm. Plus, it has pockets, so when I'm riding, my phone isn't bouncing around in my jeans. #versatilityforthewin

Ear Warmers

A Cute Ear Warmer, can make any cold fall day slightly bearable

I LOVE this ear warmer from The Buckarette Collection - stylish, and just a little bit out there, it stands out and allows for your hair to fly free. I desperately want one for myself. Sometimes hats and for my Canadian friends - toques, Americans - beanies, really itch at my ears, and flatten my hair, so that when I need to go out/work after being at the barn, my hair is a serious mess. Ear warmers, especially with a functional flap like the one above, take away the stressed hair, but keep your ears nice and toasty. This is an important aspect when, sigh..., those fall months slowly creep into winter. It's coming guys, prepare yourselves.

Stay warm & cozy this fall my friends and go get yourselves some Pumpkin-Spice-Whatevers!


  1. That ear warmer is so cute! Cold ears are the only thing that really makes me hate the cold. I can handle the rest.

  2. Was going to make a comment with regards to your john Deere hat throwback comment but I am too shocked #iwillnevertakeaselfieagain

  3. I am a tried and true togue wearer, I wear one every time it gets slightly cold and people laugh at me until their ears are cold hahahahahah......


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