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Where to begin?


Jingle has been teaching Lady all his favourite bad habits, such as chewing and tugging on their lead ropes... sigh.

The two goobers are out together now and aside from one or two little nips on Lady, from Jingle, they are getting along really well. Lady knows to give Jingle his space, he has so much opinion in one little horse-body. He always makes sure he is the first to get pets from me, and if I DARE halter her first, I get a firm head-butt from him. He reminds me daily, I AM THE FIRST BORN, and I respect that. I always ensure he gets a couple more cuddles than her. He's right, he is the first born.

They are together for a couple reasons...

Lady is still in a bit of a diet/boot camp regime and is to be kept off grass until we get her weight under control. It's working, and she's starting to really fit up, which is awesome.

Jingle needs to be in a small turn-out anyways, to keep his movement minimal because...

I have been trying a new technique with Jingle, in regards to his lameness. About 6 weeks ago Jingle became very, very lame at the walk, something that he's never exhibited before with his lameness and it really got me worried about his comfort levels. So, I have been working with a dear friend and farrier to try something new... We pulled his toes way back and have opted to use natural balance shoes. The hope is that he changes his movement patterns, steps shorter, and gets off the ligaments in his left leg that are hurting him. I'm hopefully optimistic. This means being re-shod every four weeks, and in the last three weeks Jingle has improved at the walk. I won't dare lunge him or do anything else for another month, so I don't really know where he's at, but he does seem to be improving. I've also been bringing him in and putting him in his Back-on-Track wraps and blanket while I ride Lady. He loves his BOT products, always has, and it reminds him that he's a horse that needs to be respectful and mindful of humans. Something he truly, truly forgets when he's left out to pasture. Bad.Pony.

Late-night hang out sesh with my gang.

I also had Brigitte Meyer of Vitality Equine out to work on both of them.
If you are in the Calgary/Alberta area, I highly recommend her!

For Jingle, she noticed tension in...
-right neck muscles, left shoulder muscles, left quadriceps are undeveloped due to not being in work, and found more development in his left hamstrings than his right.

She said that it comes down to Jingle preferring to keep his left side closer to hid midline, resulting in more movement in a clockwise direction. He is also still relying more on his neck and shoulder muscles to lift up his back, resulting in tension in his truck stabilizing muscles which is common in horses out of work.

Jingle LOVES his massages, it's hard to not get a photo of him where he's showing his manhood for the whole world to see. I'm hoping that this new shoeing regime + regular massage will aid in him coming back to being some semblance of sound.

I don't know if I would say that Lady "LOVED" her massage as well... she was a pretty bitchy/witchy mare about getting touched which is so funny, because she's so unlike that otherwise. I definitely think she's muscle sore from being brought back into work, but she's so funny because she would NEVER show that to me riding her.

Brigitte noticed tension in her...
- Left pectorals, left shoulder stabilizers, left quadriceps and right gluteals

Her muscles responsible for moving her body to the right are more tense than her muscles that aid her movement to the left. I knew this would be the case because she isn't as supple and soft on that side when I flag/turn her, so it's good to recognize and work on. Brigitte recommended warming her up in more of a clockwise direction to get those muscles circulating and to encourage elongation as well.

Since she has been working so hard for me, I gave her a couple of days off, and then when I went to get back on her, I discovered she had very bad diarrhea. Another horse at the barn had exhibited this as well, but they were never turned out together, and the horses both Lady, and this other horse, had been turned out with were fine.

Well, not my pony...

She's so pretty, her coat has started to glisten and dapple with the supplements she's on.. love it.

We stalled Lady, and she had bad diarrhea for 8 days. I went out everyday, sometimes twice a day, to clean her up and vaseline her behind to avoid chaffing. We had her on electrolytes and pro-bitoics twice a day. Finally, by day 6, her stool was firming up, but not to where I'd like to see. This whole time she was drinking, and eating totally normally, and her energy levels still seemed fine... but I was just so worried, 6 days is a LONG TIME, so I called the vet out. The vet spent a lot of time listening to gut sounds, and pulled blood, but ultimately agreed I was doing the right thing, and just to continue to monitor her through this.

He's kind of an old-school, but well respected, vet, and his words were "as long as she isn't painting the stalls with it."... alright then.

She finally had solidified stool again, and when I went to jump on her... she felt sore. I FREAKED OUT, and had a full-blown panic attack about it, but today she felt fine, so ultimately I think she was just stiff from so much stall time... and that I should probably take 18,000 chill pills, but man... is it ever hard some days... it feels like I have a big dark horse-related shadow clinging to my back these days.

In looking at my last handful of posts on the blog, it seems I'm hiding away from talking about things that are going on in my personal-horselife. This was definitely done unconsciously, but I know why I'm doing it... because this is just NOT my year. I have literally had a vet bill every single month since March, and most of those vet bills have ranged from $500-$1500. I'm still paying off bills that were related to my deceased mare, as well as paying her off. It sucks. I can't catch up. Every time I turn a corner at the barn, it's like one of my horses is sick, dying, or dead... and i'm over it. 

When Bunny passed, a family friend called me and told me about the worst year she ever had. She told me, that it was going to get worse before it got better, and reminded me I'd live through it. However, she also told me that in her worst year ever, on new years eve, at a big party, she snuck outside of their house and burnt that previous years calendars. Just to reaffirm that it was finally over. That's where I'm at, I'm done with 2015, I'm burning these effing calendars... I'm ready for a better, bigger, happier, HEALTHIER, year for myself, and my little animal family. I deserve it, and so do they.

& with that long, kind of sad, whining post, I'll conclude with this photo I posted on my instagram today because I think it sums it all up....

I'm ready, exhale.


  1. I'm in a similar place...struggling with paying vet bills from trying to get my perfectly healthy mare bred. After two attempts with AI from a reining stud in California I gave up and my friend hand bred her to her App stud every day for a week basically. Still not bred. I'm so done, but the bills aren't. :/

  2. Interesting about the diarrhoea- make you wonder if she has a food allergy. I had a mare who was allergic to alfalfa- instant diarrhoea if she had any alfalfa in her feed.
    Sure hope things turn around for you financially soon.

  3. Ya you totally need a new year, luckily its coming soon. And hopefully the shoeing helps Jingle, sounds like it might, worth a try at least.


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