Product Review: Two Horse Tack Dog Collars!

Today my favourite cuddle-monster, Cash, gets to be featured on the blog, as he (and I) are going to review two different dog collars sent to us by Two Horse Tack. Both collars are made of Beta Biothane, which the website advertises as waterproof, stink proof, anti-bacterial, long lasting, maintenance free and soft and comfy! Cash may look like a little poofy lap-dog, but he's a pretty ranchy pup, that enjoys dirt, rolling in dirt, eating in dirt, and just generally all things dirt. He's tough on collars, so I was interested to see how these two would hold up.

The first we tried was the...

For this one, I opted to go with a medium, and the sizing chart was bang on. For reference, Cash is around 19 lbs, but pretty short limbed. Although you can get these collars in a myriad of colours in the beta biothane material, I opted with Black, because I thought it was classy and would stand out on Cash's tri-coloured coat. I also chose a 3/4 width, and brass hardware, just so the collar would stand out a little bit better.

I have to say that I LOVE this collar for Cash. It really stands out, is cute and western, but is SUPER durable. The thing is tough, and due to the material, never seems dirty or dusty. A lot of other collars I've used have been cute... for a couple minutes... and then start to get really dirty, and scuffed up, really fast. This collar Cash has been wearing for about three weeks, and it looks the exact same as the day I put it on him.

I really like that the muck and dirt that Cash gets into on the regular doesn't seem to stick to this collar, that it's hefty and doesn't seem to move around a lot, but seems very comfortable on him.

Overall, I give this Two Horse Tack Item 5 stars - I think it is western, cute, but still understated and stylish, and the fact it stays clean and looks brand-new after lots of wear and tear is more than good enough for me & my mucky barn pooch!

Next Up...

Also made from Beta Biothane, this one has a slightly more plastic-feel to the collar, due to the Day Glo. The website offers this as an option for, "making your dog visible at night. Great for hunters, and outdoor dogs. Your dog is better visible in low light, as well as night. A great safety feature."

Cashie got a little hair cut between modelling sessions...

I tested this one out at night, but all my night photos turned to absolute crap, so you get nighttime-but-in-the-barn-photos instead. To just hold this collar, I like the previous one more, this one, like I said, feels more plasticky, and not as soft and supple. However, I wanted to test it because the day-glo interested in me for it's nighttime features.. we spend a lot of time out at the barn in the evening. True to what the website said, a few times Cash was outside, and when I called him, he would turn his head and the collar would hit the light from the barn and shine/glow. 

I opted for the lime green/silver option for colours because I thought they would stand out best at night on Cash's colouring, and I was right. This collar would be a great collar to have around for camping/outdoor activities, as it does catch light very well.

Overall - I give this Two Horse Tack item 4 stars although I liked it for a specific purpose, I preferred the previous one for everyday wear, and daily use.

My only other comment, is that I was sent leads in the 4 ft lead style, both matched the collars perfectly, and were looked great to pair a long with the collars. However, 4 ft is just a little too small for a real leash, i.e. walking a dog. I would definitely go for the 5 ft, or 6 ft option if you decide to purchase a leash along with your collar. 

& yes, as you can expect... it is very hard to be a model.

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  1. Oh I love dog collars. Going to check them out!

  2. I love the first one! Although I was confused that Cash had turned black and white ;) LOL Cash is just too cute and a perfect model

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