A Glimpse into #LoperLife

Here are a couple quick snaps of what i've been up too lately. The weather-man has really blessed us with an incredibly beautiful fall.

Cooling out little Spice after her workout, with the mountains in the distance. A few days after this picture, I was in this exact same spot on another two-year-old when a Moose was sleeping in the long grass beside us. He saw us before we saw him, and he jumped up and ran off. My horse went straight up into the air, and I landed flat on my back. Winding myself... very badly... haha. It wasn't pretty. Taught me a little lesson in paying attention... maybe I need to quit with these #throughtheears shots, but they are just so cute! hahaha

The place where i'm working has some pretty spectacular views... 10 minutes outside of Calgary city limits... so awesome. If I win the lottery, I'm coming for this property that's for sure.

The Boss, working his personal Two Year Old "GC" on cows.

Little Baby Spice catching a few Z's in the early morning sun before it's her turn to work cows.

My little Calgary Classic Finalist, Tuxedo, has been enjoying a more relaxed schedule since the big show ended. He particularly enjoys his long walks out after I exercise him.

Cash is loving ranch life in the mornings, and has made a new girlfriend, a kelpie named "Spook". She literally follows him EVERYWHERE, and refuses to let him rest. The two of them are constantly off adventuring, and digging... so much digging... and getting into burrs, and mud... sigh. Barn Dog Life.

& there you have it... I am sore, a little wind-burned and cold, but I'm pretty happy to be back to doing what I love. After visa, boyfriend, and financial troubles, it is pretty easy to forget why you started something to begin with. This past year I totally forgot what it felt like to be in the thick of it... I also forgot how much being a part of the thick of it fuels my passion. Back to that #loperlife, and it never felt so good.


  1. I can't tell you how glad I am to read this. I LOVE that things are looking up for you!!! Also that property is freaking gorgeous - that view of the mountains - WOW!

  2. Reminds me of the view we had from our place near Black Diamond. Glad you are back doing what you love! Also glad you were only winded when you did the dirt dart thing- last time I was a dirt dart I got cracked ribs.

  3. I'm green with envy at the way you're living. I'm sure it's not all perfect, but you have that big sky and distant horizons to be in when things get rough and you want to get centered. I live outside of Philadelphia, where it's all cars and people. Nice blog. One small tip: You're shooting pictures with a smart phone, which is fine, but consider holding it horizontally when taking landscapes. It's called "landscape mode" and "portrait mode" for a reason.


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