Burwash Equine Services Fall Seminar

Last Thursday, I attended the very informative fall seminar, put on by Burwash Equine Services, a vet clinic in Calgary. The seminar had the follow talks...

Modern Parasite Control - Dr. Ela Misuno DVM, MVSc

Vaccine Reactions - Dr. Doug Myers DVM

EIA (Coggins) Update – Dr. Alyssa Butters
Lameness Locator – Dr. Crystal Lee
Wellness Plans – Dr. Kirby Penttila

I took a lot from all of the above, but my favourite discussion had to be Dr. Ela Misuno's on Modern Parasite Control. I, with my head hung a little low, have to say i'm not the best-informed when it comes to parasite control and deworming procedures. I think a part of it has to do with always being at boarding facilities where someone else has always had more "control" over the deworming than myself. I've always wanted to pull fecals of my horses, and set up strategic parasite programs with my vet, but unfortunately I find, and have seen, that at a lot of boarding facilities separate deworming procedures aren't accepted - nor make a ton of sense if not everyone has been tested.

The biggest take-aways from Dr. Misuno's talk were that it is scientifically proven that picking pens atleast 2x a week from spring in to fall greatly reduces parasite infection and if you do nothing else, you should atleast do this practice. This is something I knew, and practice at both barns my horses are currently at. There is also the "80/20" rule - 80% of horses have good immune systems and can be classified as "low shedders", however 20% test high, and are classified as "high shedders". These high shedders are the horses that will contaminate your herd. In your herd, if you can identify the high (and low) shedders and identify the drugs that will act on the parasites found you will have a near perfect parasite control system. I.E. The days of blindly rotating deworming drugs are over, we have seen that this process creates parasitic resistance. Ideally, "we" as horse owners/boarders/stable owners etc. should be reading the active ingredient on our dewormers, pulling fecals before, and two weeks afterwards and going from there with our parasite control plans.

What horse girl doesn't love taking 452059725 pamphlets, am I right?

The EIA (Coggins) Update by Dr. Butters was also very interesting, and a bit of a scary realization that EIA is very real in Alberta right now. With one case being recorded in Rockyview this year, the district next to mine. Get those coggins done people - as heartbreaking as it is to lose your own horse, it's even worse to lose your own and infect many others in the process!

Overall, ALL the talks were informative - it's so wonderful that our vet clinics in the area put on these informative seminars for everyone to attend. Burwash had a TON of informative phamplets and take-aways for us to read and take home, which were awesome and super useful. It also doesn't hurt they have AWESOME door prizes too... I was definitely, hungrily, eyeing up the tub of Platinum they were giving away. Lady's is getting low - and ya'll know that shit aint cheap! Unfortunately, I did not win it, however I DID win a super fun book. "Horses, Ink" by Dave Elston, a collection of horse cartoons that are witty, and down-right hilarious! 

Thanks so much Burwash! 

A great way to end a spectacular seminar, thanks again Burwash Equine Services!


  1. Love those cartoons!
    I need to get my horse's fecals done. Thanks for the reminder....


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