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Neglecting the first born.

I definitely haven't been around to see Jingle much this month. There's a lot of excuses (some better than others), I'm working two jobs, it's hard to find the time to sleep (or blog!) let alone go visit my lame horse. Part of me thinks maybe it's a good thing to leave him alone. I decided that at the end of this shoe-session, which is the beginning of December, I'm going to put him on a lunge line and see where he's at, at the trot. From there, we can decide if I want to continue this type of shoe-ing, or just go back to having him turned out/trimmed. It's hard to visit him, he get's so wild and ance-y around humans even if I haven't been around for a few days. Its frustrating, and annoying, and... at times.. hurtful. I used to have a definitely quirky horse, but one that was starting to really get it, figure things out, soften up. Now I have a tough, potentially dangerous horse (not to me, but maybe to others), that sits in a field at a too-expensive place, but I just don't know where to put him/what to do with him.

It's dragging on me. I need to go visit him.. 

Anyone have $10K so I can just do the damn MRI, figure out what's wrong with him, get him the surgery and put him in a rehab facility?

Lady is rock-solid, as always. She's being doing well, and seems to enjoy where she is at. Maybe a little too much... we had a weanling in the pen next to hers during the day, and she decided quite rapidly she was his mama. There is also a stallion a couple stalls down, and she decided, also rapidly, that he was her new baby daddy. Commence full blown heat. Mare's a gross. Yuck. We moved her, and she's back to normal (and back to not having the grossest blankets I've ever seen).

We spent a couple days moving cows around to different pastures before we shipped our modest herd of 150 for the winter. It was sad to see them go, no more working cows for us for awhile

As for Lady's living situation... that's another thing that has been on my mind. My boss had talked about hauling in to an indoor arena 3-4 times a week, and so I felt that I could keep Lady there. But, it's getting colder and colder, and he has been building an enclosed bronc pen that has been keeping him busy. Now that it's built, he has 5 colts to start, and seems engrossed in that. We had the first big snow fall last night, so I'll have to see if that propels him to heading to the indoor or not. Winer series starts in January, and I'd like to attempt to show Lady a little. Can't do that if I haven't even worked her in a month and a half. So we'll see, she may be staying where she is, or we may be going back to where Jingle is for a few months.

I also had Vitality Equine (Brigitte Meyer) out again last week. Brigitte noted that Lady is really starting to tone & muscle up, and that she's a lot better in a lot of areas than she was last time. Which is awesome! Still need to get her working better on that right side though... I see it in her sloppy right turns, Brigitte see's it in her tighter right side muscles. Aiiii horses.

Last time, Lady was pretty apprehensive of Brigitte massaging her. This time she was a little more accepting. Each time I think she'll get more comfortable with the process and realize it makes her feel better! I love the above shot of her chilling out and relaxing - we didn't get ANY closed eyes last time.

Brigitte is amazing, if you are in Alberta, check her out at ---> Vitality Equine

That's it, that's all (for now), never a dull moment around here!


  1. I still think you should contact Connie Challice about Jingle. She really understands the anatomy of the hoof/horse and has had success rehabbing lame horses. A lot cheaper than an MRI and it can't hurt to get another opinion. She's on Facebook

    1. I'll look into her for sure. Right now I do have Jingle in a therapeutic shoeing program, and I lunged him for the first time last week and he looks as if he is improving... so I'm going to keep going down that avenue for awhile. Never hurts to get a second opinion though, you are so right!

  2. Lady sounds so awesome! I've struggled with the mystery lameness thing too...ugh....I have no helpful advice, other than listen to your horse and trust your gut :) Brigitte is awesome, thanks for the recommendation!

    1. Thanks girl :) & glad you had her out and it's working for you - she is great!

  3. It's hard enough sometimes to get out to one barn, let alone 2!


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