2016 Resolutions & Goals

Another year come and gone. As always, I like to take the end of one year, and the beginning of another, to reflect on the past 12 months and look forward to the next 12. Do I fully believe in resolutions and sticking to them every day? Not fully. However, I DO believe in goal setting, and I think the beginning of a new year is a really great time to centre and focus yourself on what is to come.

This year, Fallon Taylor, world champion barrel racer, posted her own "goal setting" sheets on her website for the new year. They look like this...

She describes the difference between Fantasy Goals, and Reality goals, as really out-there/crazy goals that you dream of achieving one day. (Perhaps, for some, the rash resolutions you make in the new year, that you KNOW will be very hard to achieve) The reality goals are the goals that are very tangible to achieve. She says to put your goals somewhere you look everyday, for her the bathroom mirror, and then, when you achieve one, cross it off. So, throughout the year, as you cross off goals, you begin to grow and see a pattern of change and success. Then, she also has her "This Year I Will" statements, similar to the reality & fantasy goals, however it gives you a word (Quit, Start, Visit etc.) to springboard off of. I really loved the idea, and of course made my own, which I plan to put on the "vision board" i'm currently making for my bedroom. But, the vision board is for another post ya'll.

For 2016, I definitely have some goals for my personal life, blog/professional life & horse life. The major goals that I would like to succeed in are...

aka Be a Better/Healthier Version of Myself in 2016 by...
Getting into better all-around shape
- with riding and cleaning stalls/barn chores, I find I get in a very specific “shape”, but i’m not actually healthy all around, this year I would really like to tailor a gym schedule that is manageable for my hectic schedule, and focuses on the aspects of my body I don’t regularly work out at the barn.

Drinking More Water & Eating Regularly
- These may seem a little strange to some people, but anyone that knows me, knows I am NOTORIOUS for not drinking water. Days will go by, it’s not healthy. Furthermore, I have a weird relationship with food, where I recognize I need to eat, recognize that cooking my own meals is cheaper than eating out AND recognize that I will feel better with three meals a day, but I’m simply lazy, and hate cooking. Which means I often resort to eating out, one meal a day, and that’s not healthy either!

aka Become Confident in my Horse and in Myself in the Show Pen, which should make it easy too...

Win A Class
- Hopefully, if the stars and my bank account align, I will be showing Lady a lot this year. My goal is definitely to win a class on her at whatever show - NCHA or not.

Make it to the Novice Challenge Finals
- Last year the ACHA came up with the “Alberta Novice Challenge” at the Okotoks Show in June. Basically there are three different levels you can enter in, 500, 1000, 2000 (this means your lifetime earnings.) The top two of each class go on to a finals round where you compete for buckles, saddles etc. It’s pretty awesome. It might be a pretty tough goal to reach, but i’d sure like to try to make it to the finals.

aka Create a go-to Blog for interviews, lifestyle & stories by...
Posting 2 Times a Week
- Most of you give me serious blog envy, because you seemingly manage to really have your shit together when it comes to regularly posting. I don’t, not in the least. Last year my goal was three times a week, and i majorly sucked at it. However, I think 2 times a week is manageable, and also means I can focus more on quality than quantity.

Get Published
- This is my big goal for 2016 - I want to see my name in a byline this year!


  1. Great goals! I feel you on the water drinking...I really hate it for some reason but I feel so much better when I get my 8 glasses a day.

  2. You can do it! Sounds like great goals, I always have a list of goals I wanna accomplish in the next few months/year and also in the future.


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