Resolution Run Down

A year ago I wrote about the resolutions I had for 2015 in a post entitled "New Year, New Resolutions." I thought it would be a fun, if not perhaps slightly painful, experiment to contrast those resolutions with what actually went down in 2015. I broke my resolutions down into "Personal", "Horse" & "Blog." I'm prepping myself for the cringe-fest that's about to occur already. So, let's do this. 


Shape Up - down to my goal weight/body shape 
- Not Completed -

Big sigh... NOPE... this resolution was not met in the slightest. I have a very no love, all hate relationship with the gym, and although I recognize that getting fit and healthy isn't just about a flat stomach, it's about longevity and overall happiness, I have SUCH a hard time working out. Now that i'm riding more regularly with Lady I have a bit more of a higher fitness level, but once again, I really need to get to the fricken gym.

Marathon in the Spring
- Not Completed -

Hahaha.... again, not completed. Damn, we are off to a bad start kids! I really, truly had it in my head I wanted to run a marathon. Then I started training and realized I really, really don't like long runs. I got to the point that I could do 10 km comfortably, but shortly thereafter realized, I don't really like it all that much. So, I'm happy to stick to 10 km and lower, I don't need to run a marathon at this point in my life.

Step out of my Comfort Zone
- Half Completed -

To quote early 2015 Louisa, "Step out of my comfort zone in many things... with this blog... in my career... get out there and talk to more trainers, figure out a way back into the performance world... but also, more personally, in my dating life."

I'm going to give this a 50/50 success rate. As far as the blog goes, I introduced my new Centre Arena series, I tried to focus less on rambling about myself and more on writing and formatting for the first time, and I'm very proud of the successes I've had so far. I also made my way back into the performance world, am currently working for a trainer, and have a show horse - major success. Career wise, I'm still trying to figure out what i'm going to do in life, so that's a bit of a no, and dating-wise... that was a complete failure. Better luck next year early 2015 Louisa.


New Horse
- Completed -

As you all know, I completed this in a big way, with not one but TWO new horses! My beloved Bunny who unfortunately passed away, and now I have Lady, who is really everything and more I could ask for at this point in my cutting career. I am so happy with her.

Back to Cutting
- Completed -

Boom Baby, suck on that personal, 2016 Louisa killed the horse resolutions. Haha Okay, it took 6 months to get back into cutting, but by late summer/early fall I began working for my trainer, working my horse under his supervision and guidance, and loping at shows. This girl is back in the loping pen ya'll.

Back to the Show Pen
- Completed -

Although I didn't personally show in 2015, I did assist my trainer at his shows, so i'm counting it! Also, I showed on January 2nd 2016, so that's pretty much 2015 anyways, whatever.

- Not Completed -

Perhaps if I didn't have so many dead and dying injured horses who require a weekly vet visit I could have bought myself a very shiny pretty trailer, but due to the financial situations this year, a trailer is a far away dream at this point.

Ride 5 x a Week
- Completed -

Once I got Bunny, and then Lady, I was definitely riding 4-5 times a week. My butt is back in the saddle, and I'm feeling strong and confident in my abilities again. Having a lame horse for a year, and not riding at all, can really shake your confidence in yourself as a rider. I'm really happy, and feeling very lucky to be back in the game.


Minimum Posts 3 x a week
- Not Completed -

I definitely had a hard time sticking to this resolution. I know a lot of bloggers pre-plan blogs and have blogs prepared to publish ahead of time, and I really need to start doing that. I have always just wrote and published posts the same day as a blogger, and when life gets hectic, the blog posts fall to the wayside. Better preparation will help me more in the year ahead. However, I have also been grappling over substance vs. more of a post present. Do I NEED to post three times a week? Or when I do post three times a week, are my posts not as focused and concise like I want them to be? I'm still trying to figure out the answer to that. I'm trying to figure out WHO I am as a blogger still. Baby Steps.

More Focused & Concise = Journalism x Lifestyle
- Completed -

As mentioned above, I'm trying to figure out who I am as a blogger and WHAT my voice is. These are things that are really important to me, and i'm proud of quite a few posts that I published this year. My Centre Arena series is just starting up, but re-reading the interviews I've done with such strong, amazing equestrians, I get a sense of total happiness and excitement. I'm excited for more interviews and more posts about the crazy horse life we live!

Ramp It Up!
- Half Completed -

Early 2015 Louisa said, "Contests, giveaways, interviews, profiles and guest bloggers - take it to a level I haven't tried out yet!" Did I do this? Kinda sorta. Maybe i'm being a little hard on myself, I did hold a couple contest and giveaways, did some interviews and profiles but unfortunately had no guest bloggers. I do think I could have done more though, and that relates back to the fact I need better blog preparation.

500 Followers - Instagram/Facebook
- Completed -

Happy to report my Instagram has 643 followers as we go to press and my Facebook has 124 likes. I've learnt A LOT about social media this year, and i'm constantly learning more. It's gruelling, but fascinating. I'm definitely not finished growing my social media presence and have much loftier goals for 2016. If you aren't following me I'd be completely tickled if you could go followed me on Instagram @WithAWesternTwist, or my Facebook Page With A Western Twist. :)

Get Published
- Not Completed -

Not yet, but I have a serious attack plan building for this goal... it's going to happen this year, I know it!

Hey, you know what ya'll? That wasn't too cringe worthy, was it?! There are areas in my life that I would definitely like to improve in 2016 - focusing on my health and personal well-being is a big one for me this year. However, horse and blog wise, I think 2015 was really a corner turning year for me. It may have started as a slow burn, but it built slowly, and we have a nice little fire going in both those avenues of my life. Stay tuned for my 2016 resolutions in my next post!

In Summary, 2015 was the practice, 2016 is the show.


  1. I love making resolutions and what I found that is easier to stick to is the more precise ones. Don't say I wanna do some...say how many or exactly how much it makes it easier. Same with more, so that's how I try and I seem to get more done.
    But ya you've done a lot last year not all as planned but that's how life is. How was the Jan 2nd show? and are you going this Saturday, Ill be there (yikes!)

    1. Yes I agree, this year I'm focusing more on goals and task completion than resolution!

      Haha still need to blog about it but the cows were pretty wild and I choked pretty bad. Had cows run me over three times, not pretty but my horse worked good. I am going!! I'll see you there!!

    2. Oh dear, I was hoping for quiet slow cows, we been working with fast cows all week and I don't really like it but its just more practice for me so far....

  2. Excellent goals, and can't wait to see your progress this year.

  3. It was a pretty eventful year! You did great on your goals from last year :)


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