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A few months ago a post popped up on one of the various equine groups i'm associated with via Facebook. The author was an animal communicator, who was working on a practicum, and wanted to practice with a variety of horses for her final thesis. For those of you who aren't quite sure what i'm talking about, this is where it gets ... a little different. Animal Communicators claim they can communicate psychically with animals - whether they are dead or alive. Many communicators claim they can communicate through photos, and "honing in" on the animals where-ever they may be. This means that the communicator doesn't have to travel to you, it can be a conversation via email, or the phone. I've read lots of blogs throughout the years of bloggers having their animals done, with varying reviews. It definitely always interested me, but in the end, I never went through with it because it generally ranges from $100+ and we all know that $100 can get swallowed up in a vet bill pretty easily. So, when I say this offer for a little free-be session, I thought, heck, why not!

She asked me to send along the names, ages, and detailed description (or photo) of my horses. I sent along info for Jingle, Lady & Bunny. She opted to work with Bunny, because she said she liked to work with deceased animals. Here is what I sent her...

Finally, just to include her, this is Bunny (Wicked Wabbit) who I started as a two year old and purchased as a three year old. Also a cutting horse, I brought her up from Arizona and she passed away a week later very suddenly after being vaccinated. That was in April. Her autopsy came back inconclusive.

Do I feel like I gave her a little bit too much information? Yes. Looking back I wish I hadn't included the part about being her vaccinated. That one is a pretty easy topic for anyone to jump all over, psychic or not. Here is what she had to say, I will include my comments alongside her own...

very friendly
I don't really know if I would classify her as VERY friendly, she was a hard egg to crack when she was younger, but definitely did enjoy being around people as she matured

Yes, but not overly so - this isn't something that sticks out in my mind

She did love to play, she was a very playful horse

expressive physically
Well yeah, but, that's pretty easy to surmise from the photos and the fact she was a cutting horse

could do tricks ie. take a bow, get down low in the front
This is completely wrong, she did not do tricks.

Yes, she was very intelligent

She was a pretty bold little baby, she started hacking out by herself at any early age, and really enjoyed it

Yes, but again, the whole cutting horse thing

lower on the pecking order with other horses (because she was young)
i don't really know if this is true, when I was around her Bunny was generally alone in a turn-out, so I never witnessed her in a herd scenario

Yes, very spirited

sweet heart
She was very sweet.

Overall, a lot of the answers seem pretty generic and I feel that list could be applied to most horses, and if the owner really wanted to believe in this reading, they could make it work for their own horse. Try it and see!

When she lived in Arizona she lived in a paddock with a shelter.
This is mostly true, she was not always in a paddock with a shelter, but was at some points in her life. She did mostly live outside.

When she moved to AB she lived in a barn with a walk out paddock.
No, she lived in a turnout.

She got along with all the animals on the farm: dogs, cats, other horses, pigs and cows
Obviously she liked cows, and she didn't mind dogs, or other horses. I really don't think she ever saw a pig in her life, and I have no information regarding cats.

She didn’t have much exposure to children.
This is very true, little to none.

She was well mannered but could be impatient when her feet were being done and when being tied.
This is probably the most spot on statement of the entire reading. She did try, very hard, to be well mannered but her impatience often clouded over her little brain. But again, she was a baby, and maturity would have taken that away from her in time, I'm sure.

She wore a blanket on cold nights.
She generally wore a blanket at all times

She was treated well by humans.
Yes, she was bred by a professional breeder, then went to a trainer that adored her, then another trainer who is soft and kind, then ended up with me, and I obviously adored her as well.

She was good about getting in the trailer.
When she came to AB, one of the things that stands out in my mind is her hauler saying, "she's so easy, just hops right in with not a care in the world"

She ate a mushy substance which I am thinking was beet pulp?, she also ate alfalfa, hay, carrots and apples
I can't quite recall any mushy substances, or beet pulp. She did eat alfalfa and hay.. she was a horse. Carrots and Apples? Highly unlikely.

She was an awesome trail horse and cutting horse
She was a bold little horse out on her own, but I don't think I'd call her a "trail horse", and unfortunately she never had the chance to become a cutting horse.. but she had all the indicators saying she was going to be a great one.

She wore shoes.
When in training, she had shoes on her back feet to help with her stop

Overall, the ones that are "right", are pretty generic, and there are also some that don't really fit the bill.

I got a strong feeling in my heart when I asked about her cause of death. I got the feeling that the vaccines were too toxic and somehow caused her heart to stop. I am thinking perhaps the toxins caused liver failure which lead to heart failure…
The autopsy came back inconclusive, with little to no indication of ANYTHING wrong happening, it was like one minute she was alive, and the next, she was dead. This could be true, but realistically vaccines aren't generally "too toxic", it would have been a reaction in her own chemistry that caused it... Jingle had the exact same vaccines that day, and he's still kickin' it. 

Message: I am close and I love you. I enjoyed my time with you. I was not scared when I died. I miss being on the farm and all the action. I had a lot of fun.
This one always gets me, because even if it is all complete smoke and mirrors, I sure miss her too, and I sure miss having her around, and all the action she created. I had a lot of fun with her too. & of course, I love her, desperately.

So, my thoughts? Well, as pretty clearly stated, a lot of it feels very generic, and most of the time, I kind of have to search around to say either "yes", or "no". There were only a couple that really made me think, yeah, that was totally my girl. However, as stated, this was free of charge, so of course I was going to go with it, and realistically her "message" from Bunny, whether or not I believe it was from my horse, made me feel a little bit closer to her, and a little bit more at peace. That's a nice thing to walk away from any scenario that involves the tragedy I went through in losing my girl.

Do I believe in animal communication? Yes, I definitely do. I'm not sure if I believe in the animal communication that pet psychics sell, but i've experienced times where I know humans are more intuned to an animal than we realize. One time, before I left to Texas, I had a massage therapist out, and we were chatting about my move. She suddenly stopped and turned to me and asked quietly, "Have you talked to Jingle about the fact your leaving for a year?" The moment felt pretty electric, and I burst into tears, because in fact, I hadn't. I talk to Jingle in my head a lot, especially in those days when I was riding him all the time. It was one of those weird things that had been nagging me for weeks, how I needed to have a "sit down" with my horse to discuss why I was leaving. But it felt a little crazy, and obviously I hadn't told anyone about the fact I talked to my horse in my head all the time. Then, there this woman was, she didn't know me from adam, and I was bawling like a baby in front of her. I didn't say a word in response to her, I was just crying. She placed her arm around me and said, "You should talk to him, and know that he can hear you, no matter how far away you are, keep talking to him like you do." Then she went back to massaging him and the moment evaporated from the air just as quickly as it had come. Later I asked her where that had come from, and she shrugged and said, "sometimes I feel it when I work on them, but I rarely voice it out loud, because it's a little crazy." I think, as horse lovers, we have all had moments where we almost "know" what our horses are thinking, or saying. We are never totally sure of it, and we may dismiss it as our own thoughts, but it is there in the back of our minds.

As far as going out and spending money on an animal communicator, I'm a pretty practical human, and have been attacked with vet bills the last couple years, so it's not really in my budget. However, I think if you are experiencing a loss, or have the funds, or are seeking answers, why not? Don't let an animal communicator be your vet, but if you want to try another avenue, who am I to say that's silly? I've googled animal communicators and many have websites with reviews, good and bad, so you can always get a gauge on them that way. If it works for you, but it's a little "woo-woo" (as my mom would call it), who cares? As long as it works for you!


  1. I've had a little bit of experience with animal communicators. I was at my wit's end with one mare that got really crabby to the point where I had to pull her from her first show and take her out of training. I couldn't find anything wrong with her- no soreness evident, no lameness etc. A friend told me of his cousin in Ontario who was an animal communicator, so I emailed her with a photo and the name of the horse. She wrote back and said that my mare had a terrible headache, that her neck was out and she needed a chiro treatment. I took her to the vet who does chiro, and sure enough, that's what she needed. One adjustment and she was her normal self again.
    My husband is a bit fey too; he can always tell when someone we know is going to die, although he doesn't always know who. He is also in tune with the animals and has helped me in several situations. So I'd have to say that yes. I believe people can tune in to animals. but I don't think it's something that can be learned in a classroom. It has to be a natural ability. I think the gal who read your mare is probably not a natural.

  2. I always think this is interesting. As I am naturally a bit of a suspicious kind I didn't really believe, until I saw Shauna Cole and she doesn't ask anything about your horse just does her acupuncture or whatever and she can just tell you stuff about them, its pretty cool. And shes so normal it was really unexpected, I really enjoyed her. ive heard of a few other people too and its pretty neat.

  3. Interesting... I've heard about this, but haven't ever given it much thought. I agree with you that some people are more in-tune with their horses. Those bonds are very special--and few and far between.

  4. My mind is always open to possibilities of things like this being possible. There is a well known barrel racer in AB that does nutrition consulting/communication stuff over the phone. I swear by her!


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