Winter Series: February 13 Show

Lady says, "I don't like you riding me, where is my mother?"
 The past two weeks have been interesting for Lady & I. My Boss/Trainer has taken over the reins in riding her, and I can 100% see the difference in her. All of a sudden she's tighter, stronger, more reactive. It all boils down to timing, and knowing how and when to effectively discipline her, and I just don't have that right now. Does that make me a little self conscious and disappointed in my own riding that I couldn't achieve that myself? Yes, obviously. Do I "get" why that is the way it is? Yes, but it doesn't make it any easier on the ego some days. Thursday before the show Lady & I did haul to an arena and had the chance to work cows. Highland Cattle no less, they were so cute, when you got over the horn-intimidation! I felt we had a pretty good work, I haven't been able to work cattle on her (except for at shows) in months, so that felt nice. Plus, she didn't feel like she wanted to quit me, like she had at the last show, so that was a big plus and boost for my confidence.

CAN I JUST TAKE THESE HOME?!!?! Ugh, the cutest little babies in all the land.

At the show, my Boss rode Lady before I showed her. He actually worked cows on her in the practice pen and I got to turn back for him/watch him work her. She's a pretty cool horse haha. I've never had the chance to see anyone else work her on cows, and under the right rider, she is one snappy cool-moving horse. I guess I don't really get to see or appreciate that when I'm on her. Everyone that see's her always comments on what a nice horse she is, including a couple big-time riders, which is always nice to hear. He worked quite a few cows, and it totally got her energy down and her more relaxed. I didn't really realize how "up" she's been until I got on her and felt her after that. I have this nagging, deep down, fear, that if I lope her too much, or work her too much, she's going to go sore. It definitely comes from having an early retired horse, and having to deal with that, but realistically, she isn't Jingle and I just need to get over that. She feels better than she ever has, she's super fit, she's on Legend, and she's happy... I just need to lope my horse like I would any other horse i've warmed up.

So, without further ado... the show..

First Cow

Lady definitely went in there a lot softer, relaxed, and thinking more than she had the previous times I've showed her. I really liked how she felt. We were aiming to go after a fuzzy eared yellow cow that kind of deeked behind me when I entered the herd. Instead of doing what I should have done - softly stepping towards it and scooping it up with the rest - I got worried/nervous and took what was in front of me up to the centre. I got nervous that the cows were going to run me over and kind of banged that cow out from the rest, then I finally got cut, which ended up causing him to run me over. I think I even muttered, "F***" after that hahaha.. my herd help is probably like, who in the world is this girl. She can't get cut and now she's swearing at the cows.

Second Cow

Bless this second cow, it just kind of presented itself, so my help told me just to get behind it and go for it. This is the type of cow that Lady and I definitely needed. We got to work it slow and for awhile, my corner help was really helping me with when I needed to cue Lady with my cow-side leg, and toward the end of the work I was starting to really get it. This cow felt really good, and so did Lady. Then, those damn nerves again, they told me to tag off and I thought the cow looked away but he didn't, and I tagged off, which is a hot quit. I would have gotten a score had I just waited and calmed down a little, even with losing that first cow. Oh well.

Third Cow

This was one of the prettier cuts I've been able to accomplish with Lady, still a little too fast and not as centred as I'd like, but I like how I just scooped this cow off the top. Lady worked soooo well with this cow, you can tell having my Boss riding her is totally working from this last part of the work. She's really holding her own line now and if I could just get the stop and wait part down, I think we'd really be getting it.

Atleast we can take a decent selfie, my girl <3
So, how do I feel about this show? Well, you know, a score would be nice... haha... I'm getting pretty fricken sick of 60's ya'll. I checked my score sheet and I got quite a few pluses and check marks for different portions of my run - usually it's all minuses, so that was really good. Show's we are improving even without a score! I'm also a little disappointed in myself, all the pieces are there, and yet I'm just scrambling to put them together. I know it takes time, I know I need to just keep practicing and working at it, but it doesn't make it less frustrating. What I'm NOT disappointed in is my horse. All of a sudden she's shaping in to this serious competitor/machine with my Boss' help. She was so good this show, she was trying so hard despite her rider, and she felt the best she's ever felt. After the last show, having her quit me, I was a little nervous over that, now I know I have nothing to worry about. I need to go out there and have some fun - that's what I intend to do at the next show. I'll happily take another 60 if i'm able to walk into the pen calm, and have some fun. That second and third cow were plain fun, and that's what it's about, isn't it?

This learning thing is pretty hard, but we're going to get it. I know we are.

Lady says, "My mom is so weird, this is my life, sigh."


  1. Time and practice! I hope eventually you get dialled in to your mare enough that the show jitters will be a thing of the past!

    1. That's what I'm hoping too! ;) That's what my boss keeps saying, that this series is just to get over all the show jitters stuff and figure out how to show my mare - three more shows!

  2. Each time it sounds like it's getting better. Don't you hate seeing someone else ride your horse better? :( I know that feeling and it cuts deep. But that's okay. We're so young and we have so far to go, right?? I applaud you for getting out and showing so much! I'm lucky to get a third ride in at home this week... lol

    1. Yeah, it does cut deep, you're right! Although.. having worked for so many trainers/horsemen and women in the past... i've gotten pretty used to being around people at a way higher level than me... haha one day i'll get there.

      Haha thank you! Some weeks riding 5-6x a week with a show is a looooot easier than other weeks.

  3. I have never seen anyone really ride my horse either, I keep thinking I wanna but oh well.
    She looked way better, a few little mistakes, its always the little things isn't it. But improving is what the winter series is about.
    And I thought of asking you and would have if you had gone already but I didn't wanna disturb your warm up or concentration or something.

    1. Does Doug ever ride Easy? You should get him too! Kind of shows you their potential.

      Totally, that's what George keeps telling me , and I just need to believe it. Got to get these damn jitters out of the way. I keep reminding myself that I've scored a 74 once upon a time... it's there, just deep down lost somewhere haha.

      Yeah, well we'll check the draw for next week but i'd be happy too!!

  4. Sounds like you're making progress! Those cows are freaking adorable :)

    1. Aren't they SO CUTE!! I just want to have a herd of them for funsies, i'm totally OBSESSED.

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