Videos From The Claresholm Show!

I finally got around to getting and uploading the videos from Claresholm in June. I talked all about the show on this post - here - but the summary is that I achieved three of my major goals for this year... Win a Class, Win a Circuit (I won both days, with a 72 and 71 respectively), and Win a Buckle... it was a wicked high having everything click for us, and the reward being two wins proving how we are becoming more and more consistent together.

Here is our 72 run, we were first in the herd...

There is always room for improvement, and after watching both these videos, I know where I need to take my riding to get even better, and even more consistent. I swear, some shows my cuts are nearly perfect, and my runs go to absolute shit, and others, my runs are nearly perfect, and my cuts are absolute garbage. This show, both days, my cuts need some serious help. My nervousness gets the best of me, you can see it in the above video with how I'm hanging my hand up in the air a lot and not stepping her with my feet forward fluidly amongst the cows. However, this was bar none the best run I've ever had on my mare, and that second cow was absolutely, 100%, the best she has ever worked for me, and I, her.

Here is our 71 run the second day, we were second last in a big combined herd of 14 riders...

This video just makes me laugh and smile, I was so dang nervous. Shaking nervous. The cows were also freaking tough and had bested a lot of the big Non-Pros that were combined before us in this class. After telling you guys the second cow from the first day was the best we've ever cut, this first cow was the absolute scariest cow I have ever cut. Watching how hard Lady worked to control that cow and get it in the centre of the pen makes me so proud. Watching back now I really wish I had worked it a bit longer, but I was so nervous I wanted off of that cow like yesterday. Cuts were still a little messy in this video, and I needed to drop my hand a bit sooner in all three cuts that I did. That second cut went to hell pretty quick because I focused in on a cow that wasn't meant too be too early, if you listen close you can hear a friend scream "LOOK UP" at me, and that's what I did. That red cow was good, and once I got it cut, it worked well for us. Realistically the judge did me a favour with the 71 he gave us, but my horse worked her heart out for me, and I'm glad the score reflected that.

So there ya go, rare good quality videos of Lady and I doing what we love! I have been slowly legging Lady back up after her five weeks off, and for the past four weeks she has felt really good. Next week, she goes back into work, and hopefully Mid-September if the stars align for us, we can get back to doing what we love for real.


  1. You looked pretty good to me, can't tell that you were nervous! You have a pretty nice mare there.

    1. Thanks Shirley! Yeah, she is a pretty cool little horse, she tries really hard for me, it's been a lot of hard work, but a lot of fun, getting us to get together as a team!

  2. I don't think I will ever fully understand what's going on in this sport, but it's SO fun to watch!

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