Product Review: Boot Slip

I was asked to review a product called Boot Slip. For those of you that are cowboy boot obsessed like me, i'm sure you have a pair of boots in your closet you can't get on. It's a common problem, we get roped into sale boots, or super cute boots that kinda-sorta-maybe fit, and we buy them thinking we can make it work. I remember buying one pair of boots, for super cheap, and attempting to stretch them with frozen bags of water in my freezer... desperate times ladies. Boot Slip claims to be a product made to combat the issue of hard to put-on boots. The simple design, basically a big plastic sock, is easy to use. You just slip on the Boot Slip sock, shimmy it up onto your instep, slide your foot into your boot, and then pull the Boot Slip sock out!

I tried the Boot Slip sock in two pairs of boots, the ones pictured above that are very tall, and a lower shaft pair. Both times my foot glided super easily into the boot. The only small issue I had was that the Boot Slip sock itself required a little bit of pulling to get out of my tall boots because they are so tight onto my calves. However, overall I thought the product worked awesome for those hard to fit boots, especially the ones you may have trouble sliding your ankles into.

It seems like a pretty novel product, but it's pretty handy to have around. It comes in a small compact little cardboard box, and you get 20 Boot Slip socks in a package. For $7.99 it's relatively inexpensive to try out on your own hard to fit boots. Plus, I think it will make a super cute stocking stuffer for the cowboy in your life who has that one pair of boots he refuses to throw out, but can barely get into. The only other quam I had with a bunch of plastic booties was if they were environmentally friendly or not. Thankfully, Boot Slip is an environmentally conscious company, and the Boot Slip socks are non-toxic and recyclable, as well as the packaging they come in!

So, overall, if you are sick of shoe horns, or gels, and wrestling your feet into boots, I would for sure recommend trying Boot Slip. It may just be your lucky charm so you don't have to throw those cute boots out that sit in the back of your closet! ;)

For More Information on this Product - www.BootSlipSock.Com
sock on your feet each time you want to slip in your boots.


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