Expect The Unexpected

My life's trajectory never seems to be still. Sometimes, i'll admit, it's tiring, but often, it's exciting. I have a few mottos that I personally hold dear but it appears that in the last few months, my new motto is 'expect the unexpected'. After breeding Lady, I am without a horse, so the girl that used to ride 6x a week, now doesn't have that to blog about. So, i've done something really crazy... i've just been going with the flow and having fun and experiencing some different aspects of life. It's a shocking concept, I know! I've been hiking mountains and feeling like a real bad-ass in the meantime, I've been spending way more time with friends and loved ones, I've been working on side projects and I'm learning to be a bit easier on myself in the process. Plus, i've been exploring a passion of mine that I have never totally exposed on this blog - western fashion and styling.

Putting yourself in front of a camera, in clothes that you've handpicked and styled, is pretty raw. Ya better like yourself to do that because you can very quickly fall down a rabbit hole of validation via social media. Something that I don't want to ever need to require. Plus, putting it on social media opens up a whole other box of realness. Lately, a quiet insecurity of mine has been, "will my readers and viewers like this new avenue, or will they mutter under their breathe 'fake cowgirl' and 'used to ride - now is just a fake model.'" The fact of the matter is, i'm still doing me, and i'm still involving myself in this industry, and i'm passionate about this website and delivering creative content in a myriad of different ways - western fashion and styling is one of those ways. I've always been big on supporting and celebrating strong women that are paving their own course in this world, now I'm just doing it myself too.

You know.. this was just going to be a damn fashion post and here I am waxing philosophical again - classic Louisa. BUT, as I was pulling looks together for a shoot with my dear, and very talented, friend and photographer, Sarah McKenzie, and going over all the thoughts above, I realized that this look in particular really went with the new motto around here - expect the unexpected - and also gave a glimpse into where I'm at in my life - a cowgirl on a budget. I didn't recognize it until after the fact, but this entire look comes from consignment pieces, pieces that were on sale or a steal of a deal, and from friends. It's kind of special. Western fashion can be tough. Leather and turquoise is expensive to produce and thus classic amazing pieces are often very expensive. This look in particular shows you that fashion doesn't have to be outrageously expensive but it does leave the viewer with one lesson - you will never regret buying that piece of vintage turquoise. 

In this look i'm wearing a Vintage Turquoise Bolo Tie that is really special to me. On a trip to Cave Creek, AZ, my mom and I stumbled into this amazing, only in Arizona, store that was full of home decor, jewellery, clothing, really everything. It wasn't even really 'western', but they did have some amazing turquoise pieces, and they were liquidating and closing down. At the time, big statement necklaces were very in-trend and I purchased a three strand turquoise necklace that is more of a traditional length necklace that really fit that trend. I loved it then, I still love it. Then, I saw this bolo tie, and at the time bolo ties were not "in" like they are now, nor were longer pieces like this. I thought it was a really funky and cool piece, but I wasn't sure if I could ever really pull it off. It didn't really seem to fit me, probably and honestly because I wasn't as confident in myself back then. It was such a great deal though, that I bought it anyway. I think I purchased both pieces for under $150? Which is pretty amazing. I should have literally bought every piece they had. Anyways, as "trends" tend to do, bolo ties are back in a big way, and turquoise never seems to go out of style. I've been reaching for this piece more the last few months than anything else in my over-inflated jewellery collection. Wearing something as unique and cool as this piece, that has a special story (shopping in my beloved Arizona, with my even more beloved mother), always makes me happy. That's what it's all about, wearing pieces that make you feel confident and happy.

The other special "deals" of this piece. The sunglasses and earrings i'm wearing were both gifted to me by my best friend. The dress was a $10 find at a local consignment shop in Calgary. I think it's suppose to be a tunic, but I turned it into an off-the shoulder dress. I'm obsessed with it. I wear it pretty regularly. It's comfortable, and flattering, and so pretty for summer.

Then, the boots are Johnny Ringo. I bought them three years ago in Vegas at NFR. I got them for another steal at $150.00, they were mis-labelled, and are actually in the realm of $300.00, but the cashier told me they'd honour the price when I balked and was going to walk away from them. It was the best. I love them and again, if you know me, you've probably seen me in them lots. Again, another time that just trusting your own personal style is so key in anything you do. Embroidery is a trend that's really starting to show back up in the western fashion scene, and at the time, it wasn't a look that you would see very often. These are all pieces that i've regularly re-worn and re-hashed. I'm a cowgirl on a budget, you're never going to see me representing fashion I can't re-work and re-wear. That's not my style, and I know it isn't most of yours either.

Plus, the pink backdrop to these photos? An old abandoned farm house. Littered with glass and garbage, we walked around the corner to the side of the house and we were like 'yep - this is a location.' It was totally Pueblo - Santa Fe - California vibes, and it was awesome. Expect the unexpected!

So the point of this post... just go on and have fun with "it" - fashion, but really life in general. A friend recently remarked to me, "life is not linear." It isn't, it's ever-winding, and so you just have to expect the unexpected and go on with it. I'm evolving and changing and the last few months have seen me really re-evalute a lot of things in my life. I hope you enjoy the journey with me, and realize that behind the "modelling" there's still a lot of rambling words, and maybe some wisdom in there too.


  1. I think you have hit a good place in your life- it's always good to diversify and you are still staying true to your western roots.
    I used to design and sew my own western clothes, mostly shirts, dresses and skirts. Now I just hit the thrift stores and get some amazing finds.


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